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Zero To Sixty Car Comparison App Soon in The Marketplace!

My third application has been submitted the Windows Phone Marketplace! I have learned a lot from my previous two apps: ATP Calc and Presso Recipes, and this last app, Zero To Sixty, is probably the best app I have coded to date. So, what’s Zero To Sixty, and why is it named like that?

Zero To Sixty is all about cars; both exotic super cars, and “normal” cars. The app is named like that because my favorite specification from a car is the 0-60mph time. It doesn’t matter how many more horsepower your car has, or how much bigger its engine is, as long as I get to 60 mph faster than you! Zero To Sixty lets you find a make, a model, and then a specific trim from that model. You can then see ten different images from the car, as well as eight different details including base price, engine details, top speed, 0-60mph, power and more. You can then add the car to a comparison chart so you can see which car offers more bang for the buck. This is an excellent app for anyone buying a car. I have gone further than offering the specs by model by letting you see the specifications by trim. This way you can compare, say, the VW Jetta SE which is different to the VW Jetta TDI. Zero To Sixty will also give paid users a beautiful Live Tile that periodically updates with different super cars’ images and 0-60mph time.

Zero To Sixty will hopefully be available in the Marketplace late next week if the certification process goes smoothly. It will be the apps’ initial release, so if you get the chance to test it out and find a bug, please send me a tweet or an email using the contact form in this blog. In the meantime, I leave you with some screenshots from Zero To Sixty!