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X3 Touch: Hands On With The Nokia X3 Touch and Type

Since the day Nokia announced the X3 Touch and Type I have been looking forward to get my hands on it. The concept of what Nokia calls a “Touch and Type” device is brilliant in theory, but practice is often different. The small screen of the X3 is what worried me the most; the UI was my second concern.

The first time I held the X3 Touch and Type I couldn’t recognize it as anything I had seen before. The arranging of the buttons is a bit odd and adds a special look to it, a cool look I have to say. The second thing that came to my mind is how light, slim, and well built this device is. The X3 has overall excellent hardware. The touchscreen is a resistive one, yet it behaves like a capacitive. The X3 is snappy and responsive to the touch.

The next thing is the usability. So here is how it works, you browse through the UI with your finger, any time you need to type, you use the physical T9. Nokia has tweaked the UI on the X3 so elements on the screen are touchscreen friendly, and they did a really good job. You can easily navigate and use the X3 without needing a stylus, which by the way, doesn’t even come with the phone.

The UI is fast and well designed. There are shortcut buttons, and they aren’t just launchers. You can select the music button and a little window will open on top of anything you are doing, it will let you go forward/backwards and play/stop really quick without even changing the screen.

The X3 seems like an excellent device. The features on this phone, and its concept design, make it a really appealing handset for everyone. The only suggestion I would have to do, is adding a QWERTY keyboard. Or are they reserving that for future Eseries devices? You know, the E72’s successor.

  • http://twitter.com/JosueGimenez Josué Giménez

    Excelent! I tryed one in the #Nokia World Venezuela! :D

  • http://dhruvbhutani.com Dhruv Bhutani

    From what i've heard , there is an E6 in development which comes with an E72 like qwerty and TS as well.