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World of Warcraft 2 For The Nokia N900 | Games For Maemo

Update: Sorry for the confusion, it is not Wow2 but Warcraft II Battle.net Edition

Maemo is the most impressive mobile OS in the market. Is open source, but most importantly, really powerful. Today, I discovered that you can download World of Warcraft 2 for the N900! This is a complex game that requires a powerful device to run on, the N900, can handle it perfectly! It is really impressive, amazing, that the N900 can run such a cool game. Here is the video, World of Warcraft 2 for the Nokia N900:

As you can see, World of Warcraft runs pretty smoothly on the N900. To get World of Warcraft for the Nokia N900 head here: Maemo.Org

Via: News Cellulari

  • Miles

    Saw your World of Warcraft information. Good stuff.

  • http://www.nokian900forum.nl dutch n900 forum

    Only thing is: the game is called warcraft 2

    world of warraft is the online gaming version wich will be a lott harder to play on your n900 :P ;)

    • edward

      Thanks! I already fixed that on the first line as an Update: