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Win One Nokia N8! N8 Giveaway Each Day For Next 11 Days!

What Nokia does know how to do are competitions and giveaways. When Nokia announces a new device, almost always they do some sort of giveaway, some harder than others, but so far I have won an E75 and a pair of BH-604! With the Nokia N8, Nokia has done the same again. First with the My App competition, which is really hard to win because those voting competitions are just impossible, and now a much easier and cooler competition called Football World Tour.

The competition is really easy, you have to get your Ovi Maps enabled Nokia device and answer one question with a hint they give you, which is a coordinate in Ovi Maps that you can see in your phone. After that you enter your details, from there and on, is pure luck. Nokia is giving away one Nokia N8 each day for the next 11 days, so go ahead and follow this link with your Nokia phone! Football World Tour Competition.

  • Martin

    Just too bad i could not compete becasue i hade nokia n82. Too bad nokia just supporting a few phones. I would liked to compete, i want this phone too much :)

  • Mikkel

    This suck, i have a N900, and i would like to win a N8 :)

  • kayrole

    OMg! i’m too late.. the competition was ended :(