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Win a Nokia E73 Mode From The Ovi Blog!

Lately Nokia has been more active in the US by launching now two handsets with T-Mobile USA. The latest of these is the Nokia E73 Mode, and the name is kind of funny because seems like either Nokia or T-Mobile could agree to name it ”Mode” only or ”E73” only so they named it both. Anyway, the Nokia E73 Mode is just what I would call the T-Mobile version of the E72. The features are exactly the same, but for the frequency which is different in the E73 Mode and support for UMA in the E73 Mode. Rest is the same: 5MP, QWERTY, 2.4”, Optical-Trackpad etc…

Now the interesting part! The Ovi Blog is giving away a Nokia E73 Mode if you live in the US, or a Nokia E72 if you live outside of the US. The game is a Scavenger Hunt. There is ten days to complete a task, one daily, but if you complete all of them the day before you are still eligible to win the E73 Mode. Go ahead and check the competition here: Ovi Blog