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Win A Free Nokia N79 by Shaping a Hearth on the Earths Surface

Happy Valentines day!  Since today is valentines day Nokia decided to create an interesting competition about hearts, because valentines day is ”all about hearts” according to Nokia. The task is a little bit more difficult than other competitions but is not that hard anyway and a free Nokia N79 should motivate everyone. Your task is to shape a heart on the face of the heart using Nokia Sports Tracker. The video above will illustrate you and explain better what you have to do. Basically if you have a GPS enabled Nokia device you can download Sports Tracker and with the GPS turned ON you can walk around and shape a heart using the GPS as your paintbrush and the world as your canvas. Here is what you need to do:

1. Use the Nokia Sports Tracker application on your phone to track yourself working out on a heart shaped route. If you are not familiar with Sports Tracker go to:  sportstracker.nokia.com, create an account, download the free application and off you go.
2. Upload* the workout to the Nokia Sports Tracker web service from your device. (You’ll need an account – accounts are completely free and easy to create.)
3.  Join the Location Artists group when you are logged in to the Sports Tracker web service.
4. Share your route with the Location Artists group by clicking the “Share to” button when you view your route. (You’ll need to join the Location Artists group first.)

The best route wins, you can get more info at: Innovations Newsdesk