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Will Qt Bring Cooler Apps and Games To Symbian and The Nokia N8?

A thing that many of us are not aware of is that Nokia is now the owner of Qt. Qt is a cross platform framework that lets developers create a single source code that can run in multiple devices and platforms. So for example, Qt enables the games that run in Maemo to be used in Symbian too. But not only that, also apps and other programs can be used across platforms. This is really convenient because developers will do more with less, for example, if an Android developer could run the same code that he/she wrote specifically for Android in another platform (let’s say a PC), then that developer would be able to create more games/apps and have a greater reach, further motivating development of new apps. Qt, by the way, is really big, Qt runs in everything from coffeemakers to advanced defense systems.

One exciting thing about the Nokia N8 is that is the first device to have Qt built in. For example, Angry Birds, which is an excellent game for Maemo 6, can actually run in the Nokia N8 because of Qt, isn’t that brilliant! The advantage of having Qt on Symbian is that we will see better quality apps from now on. I mean, Symbian has just a couple of good looking apps like Gravity, but most of them, even being really useful, don’t have a great look (best example is Fring). Others do have a great look but offer little functionality or are too simple (like most Off Screen apps in the Ovi Store like Candle, Disco Ball etc…) I think that the big capacitive screen of the N8 together with Qt will bring better apps to the Symbian world, and this is very important because Symbian really needs apps. An aspect I have been enjoying on the Android Market is that there is an app practically for everything, if I need an EBay app I can find it, same with PayPal, dictionary websites and pretty much anything that could come to my mind. Here is a video that shows the game ”Bounce Evolution” which was originally in the N900, running in the N8.