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Why Is The N8 Taking Long? Here’s What Nokia Is Up To

Why is the N8 taking so long? The answer is really easy, Nokia wants to make sure – even OPK said it – they take as long as they need to deliver a product that meets high standards. The N8 was supposed to come at the end of this month, but it was pushed back one whole month and looks like the new release date will be September 25. So what is it they are doing with the N8 before release? Here are some updates that Eldar Murtazin from Mobile-Review brings us.

The hardware part of the Nokia N8 is complete. The prototypes floating around seem to have no problems, that is good to know since hardware can’t be changed once the device is shipped, and this types of problems can do a lot of harm, we all saw what happened with the iPhone4. However, Nokia is still focusing with the software part of the N8. Eldar tells us that every week the N8 gains more stability, but there are still some minor problems that need to be addressed. He also tells us -we knew this before and I am *really* happy about it- that the Nokia N8 is going to be the first device with a brand new web browser. That can make the difference whether the N8 is up to its competitors or not, the browser in the N97 was completely annoying with the horrible scrolling, speed, and minuscule font that didn’t adjust to the viewing area of the screen.  The new browser might not come immediately with the N8, but it will be made available as an update in November at the latest. As was rumored, DivX support is also being added, and by the time we get the N8, there will be no need of installing 3rd party apps to play some video formats!

I also think Nokia is up to something else that we haven’t thought about, in other words, they want to surprise the users and get it right this time. For example, remember that new Ovi Store that was leaked in a video some months ago but was later taken down? Well, I think Nokia might be making sure that this new Ovi Store does a better job than the previous one. It is all a rumor, but how would you explain the whole video showing the new Ovi Store running on the N8? There might also be other little surprises that still need more work, like the awesome Video Editor, and Socially Integrated phonebook. Developers are also having a special launching event in which the N8 and Qt will be introduced August 3rd, so that leaves them two full months to code new and exciting apps for the N8.

Thanks To MyNokiaBlog

The package contents of the N8 have now been clear for a while, we will get all we usually get, plus the OTG USB and HD plug. Eldar also tells us that in some Asian markets the N8 will come with a stylus, in others like in Russia it will come with a black silicone case, and in other markets it will come with the elegant case pictured below. Nokia is also trying to bundle some cool high-end games with the Nokia N8.

So we still have to wait two months more for the Nokia N8, but we will probably get a really well done device that exceeds the expectations of all the users.


  • Michael Hell

    How on Earth can Eldar know this all!? He doesnt have a Nokia Device, right?

    • Ed

      That is what he said, but you know people do different things from what they say. He might have one…

  • netborn

    This is the same Eldar that a couple of days ago said that Nokia was releasing a desktop browser and end up being the S40 browser???

  • Ll

    Sick of the lies and bs waiting for this phone. Nokias market is gone, their only hope is developing countries. Iphone has trumped them again. Too slow, what a pity. Going to look at iphone an android tomorrow. Symbian guru was right to dump nokia.

    • Ed

      Well, it is true that the N8 is taking long, and Nokia doesn’t have anything to compete with right now with the I4, Galaxy S, Nexus One etc… But remember that MeeGo is coming, and that might turn everything around.

  • Matthias

    if Nokia doesn’t surprise their fans with something new/revolutionary along with the N8 launch, they will loose a lot of them
    the N8 has been floating around online for such al long time, that looking at it, or talking about it feels like it’s already been on the market for a year or so, and thus, completely outdated…

  • Andrew Burgin

    Eldar slagged the N8 when he first saw the N8,an Nokia got the Russian Police to try to get the Prototype they gave him back off him,so do not Trust what he is saying about the N8 when he pulled the phone down,Nokia do not want to Rush the N8 out if the software is not fully ready,an show Eldar Up an Show him he was wrong to Pull the N8 down an Embarass him

  • RJC

    Eldar is a liar. That is really all everyone needs to know. He has talked so much BS about N8 that I find it mind boggling that people even read his blog let alone take him seriously. I mean the western people. The Russians certainly don’t take him seriously.

  • v900

    Hmmm… Interesting how Eldar turned out to be correct! Just look at the “Nokia is also trying to bundle some cool high-end games with the Nokia N8.” part. How could he have known about Angry Birds and Asphalt 5 being developed for Nokia back then?