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Why does Nokia Want Prime Real Estate at CES?

Disclaimer: This is pure speculation, my speculation to be exact.

I was browsing the CES website to see whether Nokia would book a conference at the trade show in Las Vegas from January 10th to 13th of 2012. Stephen Elop has previously confirmed that Nokia would take on the U.S market by “early 2012,” so an U.S announcement at CES would make a lot of sense: it’s early 2012 and it’s an American conference. But Nokia has not booked a conference! I didn’t stop there though, I checked out what Nokia’s presence would be like and I discovered they got four huge booths right at the entrance of CES and attendee registration zone, by comparison, HTC has a little booth in some 3rd floor corner. Seems like Nokia wants everybody to see something…

This is interesting because Nokia does not have anything to show here in the U.S! Sure, they have the N9 and the Lumia 800 to show, but those are not devices that are aimed at the American market or have any business in it. “Early 2012” would generally mean the first quarter, so it’s possible that Nokia makes an announcement by February in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress, but again, that’s not a U.S conference. Will Nokia announce something before CES? Or maybe they will hold a conference jointly with Microsoft or some American carrier at CES and that’s why they haven’t booked a conference by themselves? Can’t wait for official U.S announcements.