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What Will Nokia Introduce Next Month?

Practically speaking, we are about to have the first North American Nokia World in history. I know it’s not entirely a correct statement, but Nokia’s September 5th event in NY will be concurrently held with the true Nokia World in Helsinki, Finland. We are not used to this duality, but the reality is that many things have changed in Nokia since last year: a successful Lumia lineup of devices, a relative successful entry into the U.S market, and a lot of fat trimming. Nokia is standing on better ground this year, and what they reveal in the coming month will make or break the company. Here’s Matija’s and my opinion on what we expect Nokia to introduce the first week of September.


First, I want to give it up for Nokia and their plan to attack the two biggest fronts they have at the same time: the U.S and Europe. The two events, each in one continent, give some details away: whatever they will introduce will be a global device à la iPhone. I think we will see a direct iPhone, Galaxy Note, and SIII competitor. Something really high-end. Chris Weber from Nokia defiantly published a tweet directed at Samsung, advising them to take “note.” I think Nokia will introduce their own version of the “phablet,” but having in consideration some patents and hints on “new form factors” they have talked about, I am going to go ahead and say they will introduce a foldable phone-tablet. Something that is as big as a normal smartphone that when extended becomes the size of a small, 5″ or 6″ tablet. It would still run Windows Phone 8, and when extended it could run Windows RT apps. Call me crazy, and perhaps I am, but I think this will be the form factor of the future. Samsung proved ten million times that people love the big screen of the Galaxy Note, but many people are not willing to carry such a monstrosity: a foldable phone is the only solution to this problem. Tablet sized devices will become computers (Microsoft Surface Pro), and smartphone sized devices will become tablets. Excuse the drawing! What you see is a phone that folds in half.

I think we’ll also see another lower end Windows Phone 8. Something less crazy, maybe a 4″ slab with the typical N9 design. I’ll hand it over to Matija now who will give his own opinion on what Nokia will introduce next month.


I think we will see a couple of devices. One of those devices will be a true Nokia flagship since the N95. Why N95? Well N97 wasn’t really a flagship, in my eyes, of course. It was limited by low amount of RAM, weak CPU and of course Symbian which wasn’t optimized for touch. Ok, it was optimized, but it wasn’t built for touch. N900? It was a beta test tablet with a little bit of telephony in it. N9? It was killed way before it was even announced. And what about the Lumia 800 or even the Lumia 900? Shouldn’t one of those devices be a flagship? Even though it was presented as one, the Lumia 900 is a mid-end device by many means, not a flagship. Its hardware specifications were limited by the software, so it couldn’t really stand as a competitive high-end device.  What I really want to say is that this is a rare moment in the past few years where Nokia can produce whatever it wants. It can show us how good it really is because there is no a barrier now. I’m dying to see how high it can set the bar above competitors. Or is it even capable of doing it. It was a long time ago when it produced the last device which had a WOW factor.  So I’m really, really excited.

We heard the rumors and we saw some leaks. Here is what I am expecting:

Nokia 9xx (Phi)

– 4.6 inches | ClearBlack AMOLED | 720 x 1280 pixels| Corning Gorilla Glass 2 screen

– Lumia 800/900 design

– 12-16MP | Carl-Zeiss | PureView (5MP) camera

– 64 GB mass memory

– Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and White (CMYK + white)

– 2400 mAh battery

– NFC, 4G, etc.

Nokia 8xx

– 4.3 inches | ClearBlack AMOLED | 720 x 1280 pixels | Corning Gorilla Glass 2 screen

– New design language

– 10-12MP | Carl-Zeiss | PureView (5MP) camera

– 16-32 GB mass memory

– Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and White (CMYK + white)

– 2000 mAh battery

– NFC, 4G, etc.

Nokia 8xx

– 4.0 inches | LCD | 720 x 1280 pixels screen

– New design language

– 8MP | Carl-Zeiss camera

– 8-16 GB mass memory

– Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and White (CMYK + white)

– 1800 mAh battery

– NFC, 4G, etc.

I doubt we will see something like 808 with WP8, at least for now. And I’m not sure if they will announce something in mid or low-end segment. They have 610, 710, 800, and 900 which prices will drop even lower. That will cover low and mid-end segment. They need high-end devices, so I think this will be everything about them.