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What the Nokia E75 Should Have Been – Touch Screen!

Seems that Nokia is very excited with the Nokia E75 they announced at MWC, they talked wonders about it at the press release and even made it available for pre order immediately. But honestly I am not impressed or excited with this device. First off all is the same Nokia E71 in another casing, and I dare to say that the E71 form factor is way better because the QWERTY keyboard is right there available at all times to be used instead of having to pull out the keyboard each time one needs to enter text. They even talked about this phone as the next communicator, but everybody knows that communicators have laptop-like form factors instead of pull out QWERTY keyboards. Conclusion is that the E75 is….boring.


But a thing that could have done the E75 one top-seller and interesting device is a touch screen!  Nokia does not get that today people want touch screens, or at least very big screens, not 2.4 inch screens. The device could look like the picture above, that would have been an interesting handset. How would you change the Nokia E75?