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What Nokia devices are getting Symbian Belle?

Nokia just delivered Anna to customers; but we are already talking about Symbian Belle. Symbian Belle offers major improvements over Anna; like an updated Web Browsing experience, a more customizable widget screen, an Android-style pull down bar, and an improved UI.

Symbian Belle was just announced and will come with the Nokia 600, 700, and Nokia 701; but when are older devices like the N8, E7, and X7 getting Belle? We asked Nokia and their reply was “closer to availability.” In other words, wait. What we do know is that the following devices will be getting Symbian Belle:

  1. Nokia N8
  2. Nokia E6
  3. Nokia E7
  4. Nokia C6
  5. Nokia C7
  6. Nokia X7
  • Arman_uh

     hope it will come to current Symbian Anna Devices soon.

  • Anonymous

    What I cannot understand is how Nokia will launch Belle for current N8 users if they have not as yet delivered Anna to North America and others countries owners.

  • Anonymous

    Could somebody tell us why Nokia has not as yet delivered Anna update for NA N8 phones?