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What is Twitter? And How To Use It On Your Nokia Mobile Phone?


Seems lately that you can’t have a day where you don’t hear someone say ”Twitter”, and if you don’t know, you are missing a lot! Well, first I will explain what Twitter is, if you already know you can jump to the second parragraph so you can get Twitter for free on your Nokia phone. Ok, so Twitter is a free internet service where you can share what you are thinking and doing, you can follow people so you know what they are doing, and people can follow you so they know what you are doing or thinking. The cool thing is that you get to know a lot of people that are interested in the same things as you, a lot of projects and ideas can come from conversations in Twitter. Twitter is hard to explain, but is lots of fun for sure! You can start using Twitter by signing up here: Twitter, and you can follow me to get updates on interesting things and news on Nokia phones! Follow me here: Twitter.com/NokiaMobileBlog

My favorite way to use Twitter in my phone is Dabr, Dabr is free and has lots of functionality. With Dabr you can follow/unfollow, send private messages, reply, retweet, post pictures, and see profiles. Dabr has lots of functionality, it has even more functionality than the very Twitter.com itself! 

Well, Dabr is not an application. It is an internet service, but it is just like having an application installed in your phone. To use Dabr, just go to Dabr.Co.Uk in your phone and sign in with your Twitter account, as easy as that!

  • http://PT13.co.cc PT

    Yep I use twitter a lot ( http://www.twitter.com/PTthe13 ) and on my mobile ( Nokia 5800 ) I use Gravity (I bought it) and it’s the best twitter client/software I’ve every used on my 5800

    • edward

      But is not free….

  • Isii

    Hey Edward .. i knew i had to come to your website to find out what Twitter was since you didnt want to tell me … Thanks !! Now i get it !!

  • http://www.Twitter.com/VintageIreland VintageIreland

    Thanks for that! Very helpful.

    Has anyone got any tips on using my 3120 more effectively to twitter (@vintageireland)?

    Thanks again.