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Welcome To Nseries-Blog!!

The Nseries-Blog team welcomes you to the Nseries-Blog.  With this post starts a whole new blog about the best phones ever made, the Nokia Nseries.  I choosed to make a Nseries blog because among all kinds of smartphones the Nseries smartphones are always on top, there is nothing better than a Nseries!  And as this line has been so successful, Nokia is extending this line releasing new unique smartphones such as the impressive N97 which kicks all the competition in almost every aspect.

Anyway, at this blog we will bring you the latest news, releases, unboxings, reviews, applications, themes, games and much more interesting stuff.  I also consider myself a S60 expert, I have had many experiences with S60 phones and have owned almost every model, so if you have problems with your phone or any other question just leave a comment and I will try to help you. Welcome! We hope you like the site!