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Vlingo: Voice Command App For Nokia Updated

Vlingo, the best voice command app for Nokia mobile phones was just updated! The new Vlingo app fixes small bugs that the previous Vlingo app had: SMS function has been improved mainly, as well as stability and minor bug fixes. To update the Vlingo app just open Vlingo, ”options” and select ”Software Update”

vlingo logo

If you don’t know what Vlingo is, you are missing a ┬álot! Vlingo is the coolest app for Nokia devices. It lets you talk to your device and complete several tasks with just talking to it. Lets say you want to search Google, you just say ”Search: nokia n97” and Vlingo will open up a Google search for the term. Vlingo also lets you send an SMS, Update Your Facebook Status, call someone, open an app and even send e-mails. If you don’t have Vlingo, check it here: Get. There is a free version with plenty of functionality, but there is also a premium version. I use the free version and is far more of what I need.

  • Hugo Snellen

    One of the main reasons i chose for the N8 is the voice command option.
    It is not more than an option, harly workinin for chosing a connection.
    Will vlingo be better? When is it espected for the N8?