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Video: Hands On With Final Nokia N8 Firmware

There have been plenty of videos around featuring the Nokia N8, but none of them featured the N8 running final firmware. GSMOnline claims that the Nokia N8 in the video below is running final firmware, in other words, what you see is what you will get. Seems like no important changes have been made to the UI since Nokia revealed S^3, everything looks the same. The Facebook app has been redesigned though, and hopefully, ┬áit behaves better than the previous Facebook app for S605th Ed. The overall speed of the device seems good, specially in the Maps app, and in the web browser. The games shown here are very well above what we are used to see on Nokia devices, and that might be because of the Graphics HW accelerator. Don’t get conclusions though, it is a very different experience when you are the one holding the device!

Via: The Nokia Blog