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Use Your 5800 As A Flashlight – Torch for 5800 and N97

If you used a Nokia N93 you probably miss the flashlight feature, with just one press the N93 turned the LED ON and you could find you way in the dark. With later Symbian S60 3rd ED FP2 and FP1 devices, this awesome feature was lost, not even with 3rd party applications the LED worked as a flashlight. But the good news is that with the new S60 5th Ed devices like the N97 and 5800, there is a really cool application that not only lets you turn your 5800 or N97 into a flashlight but also into a portable morse code transmitter machine. 


The app is completely free and is really useful, you can choose to turn the red or white light from  the 5800, and you can also transmit morse code. With this app you will be able to turn the 5800 into a poweful LED Flashlight, the dual-flash of the 5800 is very useful and it provides really good lightning, plus the morse code is also an useful feature although I still can’t find something to do with it! The flashlight for the 5800 and N97 is free to download, you can get it here:  http://dev.meh.at/

[Via: SG]