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Upgrade From Nokia PC Suite to OVI Suite – MAC Nokia PC Suite in Its Way!


The only time I used the CD that came with a Nokia phone was the first time I bought one, after that I never used the CD  since I just downloaded PC Suite from the web and I already knew how to use the phone. Some days ago I got bored and I inserted the CD that came with the Nokia N85 in my PC just to see what was inside and see the difference from the last time I used one. And well, I got completely amazed to see that there was an upgrade to the original Nokia PC Suite called OVI Suite.

I really hated the Nokia PC Suite, it came with all kinds of bugs, problems and it did not look nice at all. So I went ahead and uninstalled every Nokia app that I had on my PC and installed the brand new OVI Suite from the N85’s CD, I expected to see the same PC Suite with the OVI branding just like the Nseries PC Suite is the same PC Suite with the Nseries branding. With the old PC Suite I had all kinds of problems, first of all, it looked boring and lame. Then the biggest problem of the old Suite is that it was not integrated, when the user opened the Suite it had a bunch of icons that just opened another program, so basically the old Suite was just a shortcut manager that crashed and opened other programs that also crashed. Anyway, the old PC Suite is of course a requirement for a Nokia user, but I just opened and closed it when I needed it so it did not cause any problems, but the good news are, the new OVI Suite changes everything.


The OVI Suite has 6 icons on the top, music, pictures, video, web, maps and settings. And now it just does not look like a small window, it is now a full Suite with mini view and full view, completely redesigned and changed in a very good way. And the best part is that most of the old programs are integrated in the OVI Suite,  runs very smooth and looks very well with the OVI icons and colors. Since I installed the OVI Suite it became a program that is constantly running in my PC because it does not crash, does not make other programs crash, runs smooth and is very handy to connect a Nokia device and start using the Suite in less that 2 seconds.

The other part of the good news is that currently Nokia is working on the MAC version of the Nokia PC Suite, it will be OVI Suite for MAC and will do everything the Windows version can do, just on a MAC!  Very good news for Nokia and MAC users since the compatibility between this two brands has been very bad in the past, fortunately, Nokia PC Suite for MAC is on its way!

If you still use the PC Suite you should really try the new OVI Suite because it is a big improvement over the old PC Suite, the OVI Suite is compatible with all Nokia devices and is completely free to download, you can go here: OVI PC Suite and download the new OVI Suite, then tell us if it is as great as we think it is!

  • vins

    well i have total opposite view. Ovi might look rich but has pathetic response time on my vista. I switched back to pc suite. Happy as before. Think ovi will take few releases to get there.

    • edward

      Hmm, weird, my XP runs OVI VERY smooth. Vista always had problems with Nokai software, some months ago, the software updater bricked all Nokia phones.

    • Electricblue

      Wow, this has got to be the most untested, bug ridden constant crashing software I ever come across. And was really hoping to get rid of PC suite. Can't believe Nokia can't do lean and mean. Terrible

  • Andreas

    Well, i use Vista Ultimate 64Bit and i really have to say that Ovi Suite is a very nice software and runs really smooth using bluetooth connection, what i don’t like about it is the fact that some features from PC Suite are not in Ovi Suite, but therefore i use pc suite and ovi at the same time and im really happy, can’t wait to get the mac version as well… And a new Phone :p

  • Martim

    Aren’t you fed-up talking about windows versions? Ohhh on my vista it runs slow, ohhh i went back to XP, ohhh nothing works well on Windows 7, going back to XP… ando so on…. BUY A MACHINTOSH, believe me, i was one of you until i got a MAC.

  • Armin

    Well, I’m essentially bored by these kind of “switch to mac” comments…
    As of today, my macbook is still waiting for an OS-X aware OVI-version.
    And without a very stable win7 working in parallel(s), it would be quite hard to do the exchange sync.

    Note: Different from Nokia PC-Suite, OVI is not able to sync with other outlook-contact-folders than “My Contacts”. Business-users with e.g. company-wide address-books in public folders are left empty handed.

  • Andreas

    Well good new for mac users, i recently got a windows mobile phone and i needed to tranfers my contacts and callendar from all my phones to the Mac Address Book, so i used SYNCMATE and managed to sync all of my contacts into my mac and back to all of my phones :) bad thing was the shareware feature syncmate give you but i Contacts and callendar are free… u can still use a crack if you like to crack the software temporally until Mac Ovi Suite come and hopefully we all solve our problems.. Cheers :) Btw you can all find syncmate into the apple site and download it for free :)

  • senthil

    very super ovipcsuit

  • qq

    OVI is unnecessarily giant and “unpolite” application. Its design is maybe good looking, but what I need is as small and functional application as possible,

    Installs tons of software often unnecessary for every single user.

    Saves lots of config files, instead of few.

    Runs many background processes and thus eats megabytes of memory.

    Leaves all files it used on disk, needless self installation and old update packs are just a part of it. Such files took more than 500 MB of my disk space, … before I deleted it and app runs fine without it.

    Probably switching back to PC Suite.

    • edward

      You are 100% right

  • qqq

    I just uninstalled the OVI Suite and it didn’t delete mentioned files. Very strange Nokia philosophy of application behaviour.

  • NunoB

    Weird. Depending on the forum you see, comments are either biased for the OVI Suite or against it.
    Being a fan of new things, I immediately was set to try the new OVI. I am a Nokia fan, but PC Suite was the Achilles knee.
    OVI is even worse than PC Suite. Huge footprint ! Eats up Megabytes by the hundreds. The features I liked in PC Suite disappeared and is slow and had a few crashes.
    Definitely going to stick with the PC Suite, and hope that Nokia makes a reshape to the OVI. I want low fat, fast and lean Software running on my PC (or MAC).

  • Romi_royal

    MAIL- romi_royal@rediff.com

  • Jagdishpardeshi2010

    nokia pc suit convert nokia ovi pc suit

  • Eva Zempleni

    Hi I have a nokia 5230. I want to save my adressbook on my Mac. Please let me know what should I do. I downloaded  Nokia Multimedia Transfer . It opens  Network Preferences which I dont know how to fill up with information. Someone could helm please SOS??? Thanx Eva