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Two Tweaks to Make Your Nokia N9 Better

What two unusual things do you notice from the picture above? The landscape screen obviously, but look closer, the calendar icon is showing a 3. Look at your calendar icon, it’s probably showing a 21. The calendar icon of the Nokia N9 is static, meaning it will always show 21. However, there’s a way to fix it and make it show the day it currently is. There’s also a way to make the homescreen, multitasking, and event windows to show in landscape mode. It’s not as useful as the calendar tweak in my opinion, but is still a nice feature. All you need to do to get these two tweaks is installing two apps from the Store. Download them by looking them up on your N9 or hitting the icons below.

 Just download “Home screen settings,” and afterwards go to Settings > Applications > HomeScreen > Set to “Unlocked.”

 Lookup “Dynamic Calendar Icon” in your N9 or click the icon to the left and install this application. You don’t need to do anything, the app will automatically make the Calendar icon show the appropriate date.