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TV on Your Nokia: Watch Hulu TV on Your Nokia and other 3 Different Ways to Watch Free TV On Your Nokia Device.


A feature many people want on their phones is the ability to watch TV anywhere while on the go, and although some Nokias have a DBV-H receiver, they only work in some countries and for some reason they are not as popular as one would think.  But DVB-H is not the only way to watch TV on a Nokia Mobile, there are other ways around and they are all free. Since  I am a big fan of TV, I am always looking for new ways to get TV on my Nokia Mobile.  So far I know 4 different methods to watch TV on my Nokia device, all 4 methods work on any device: Nokia N97 and 5800 XpressMusic probably are compatible only with two methods, other devices as N86, N85, N96, (S60 3rd) are compatible with all four different ways to watch TV.

1. Hulu and Skyfire

This method is by far my favorite, it is pretty simple to set up and has its advantages. First you need Skyfire which is a free web browser,  just grab your phone and direct your browser to www.skyfire.com, then just download and install. Once you have Skyfire running just go to www.hulu.com and start watching TV!  The bad aspect is that the backlight is constantly turning OFF (You can fix it here ). I strongly recommend to close all other apps and leave just Skyfire opened so you have a smooth video playback.  I am still wondering if its possible to get an application, like Hulu for Nokia devices. In the meanwhile watching TV with Hulu and Skyfire is the best way to watch Free TV in your Nokia device.


2. Vimio TV

This is one of the best ways to watch TV on your Nokia, currently is only available for devices with S60 3rd Ed (N85, N79, N86, N82, E75 etc..) Watching TV with Vimio is pretty simple, head to sweden.vimiotv.com and download the software, then install it on your Nokia mobile device. You need to register by sending a SMS,  the Vimio team said that in some countries this was not working. If you have a problem like this just send an email to help@vimio.com and you will receive your login info. With Vimio you can get Al Jazeera on your Nokia device as well as NBC World and CityTV.


3. NBC Portal

This will probably work only for USA users.  You can watch the following TV Shows on Your Nokia smartphone

The Office

30 Rock


Friday Night Lights


Kath and Ki

Knight Rider

Lipstick Jungle

My Own Worst Enemy

The Biggest Looser

This method to watch TV is very efficient because its specially made for mobile devices. The bad part is that the resolution is kind of bad, the good part is that there is absolutely no lag or bad video playback. Great way to watch TV in Nokia devices. Head here to watch with NBC:nbc tv



3. France TV 24

Here is a nice application that enables any 3rd Ed (N86, N85, E75 etc…) to watch a channel called France 24. I haven’t tried it completely but the playback is nice and there are three categories to choose: culture, music and news. I am sure this will be very popular for French users. Just head with your Nokia device here: France 24  and install the application



So there  are the 4 ways to watch TV on a Nokia mobile phone, if you have another method to watch TV on a Nokia device just leave a comment!

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    This is indeed a great post. Keep up the good work!

  • http://carltone65.wordpress.com Carlton Lindow Jr aka CJ

    vimio is the best way to watch live TV on your mobile phone, i reviewed it some time back it’s a great software, and edward if you need someone to review software or games for s60 fell free to email me

    • edward

      It is very good, but I have to disagree! lol, Hulu on Skyfire is better

  • Josh

    Can’t use first option, skyfire site says it’s not available for the 5800.
    2nd option, not 5800 compat.
    3rd option, only for USA (not Australia).
    4th option, really only usful for French speaking.
    Is Vimio free?

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  • MobileOne

    On my E75 Hulu says format not supported.

  • Fan-er

    Thanks.. I use Skyfire to watch Hulu, while currently living in New Zealand. It works though, even if I’m not in the US. Using it on my Nokia N81 8GB. Although playback is a bit choppy.

  • Shaun

    Hi , I have Nokia N97 , and used your first option (skyfire – hulu). Everything seems to work ok except when you actually want to watch a show or video , my handset responds with ” Unfortunately , this video is not available on your platform ” Any suggestions of fixing this ?

  • sar degeri

    Hi, Can we watch the hd movie via 5800 on lcd television.

  • Vijendra Patil

    Hey will the ways you told work on my Nokia E 63

  • Rita

    downloaded skyfire then looked up hulu, page came through but was unable to watch as i am in the u.k., message from hulu says they are not licensed yet. I have a Nokia 5230 any ideas for tv on this in the u.k. thanks

  • Dscsand

    hi . may i watch tv on my nokia e72 online