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Try The Nokia N97 | Nokia N97 Demo

If you just can’t wait for the Nokia N97 to be released, you can play with it at NokiaUSA! The Nokia N97 just got an interactive demo, it lets you learn and play with the Nokia N97 homescreen, widgets and functions. With the demo you can easily explore the Nokia N97 and see if you would like to buy it or not, I personally had fun playing with the interactive N97 for a while. Go ahead, play with the Nokia N97! Here: Nokia N97 Demo.

  • Anacleto

    thank for the link, I want this this phone and that demo show it

    • edward

      Yeah, it is a great way to know the N97 better

  • RobertUdo

    Always like a demo afrom a hot smartphone like the N97. Thanks for letting me know that

    • edward

      Welcome, I also had fun with it