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Track&Protect: Free Security App To Know Who Stole Your N8

While in the wait for a new smartphone, I always like to find cool apps that I will install as soon as I get it. And that is exactly what I am doing while I wait for my Nokia N8, which by the way, is taking a bit long.

I discovered this really cool security application that is called Track&Protect. It works with all other Symbian smartphones that have a front camera, but is specially useful in the N8. What track and Protect basically does is protect your investment. It is a really useful security app for Nokia smartphones that lets you track your phone after it was stolen, and even take a picture of the thief! That is a pretty sweet feature! I remember when I got my Nokia 9300 stolen and was almost certain that it was an acquaintance who had done it, would have been great to have this app by then.

Track&Protect is a free download, but of course, it is a very complex app that has a lot of effort involved in its creation. There are some features that can be used for free, but the more advance (and cool) features, are paid only. Fortunately, the photo of the thief is among the free features! You can check out Track&Protect at trackandprotect.com

  • http://twitter.com/juanmateo Juan Mateo

    I was using Easy Locator from Melon Mobile, is less complete than T&P but has a very important advantage, in case your phone is lost or stolen you don´t need to get a pc and go to any web site, there are a couple of sms commands than you can send to the phone and Easy Locator will respond to you with a Google maps link.

    So using Easy Locator plus Advanced Device Locks Pro (I am not a Melon employee, but are very good products) is a very good solution, however a big problem with Easy Locator is that really very often use the phone´s gps to pull your location, meanwhile the accuracy of the program is great the battery penalty is very noticeable, on my n97 mini went from two days average battery life to only one, and of course you cannot turn it off.

  • Gary23234

    This Track and Protect rocks! If you go into the details of this App and its features, you will see there is no competition. Example: when a thief changes the simcard it will still work. There is review on allaboutsymbian and the author managed to get a lost device back by using the remote camera control ;)