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Top 10 free applications for the Nokia N9

Want to install the coolest apps in your Nokia N9 but don’t want to spend any money? Here’s a list of the top 10 free apps for the Nokia N9 and MeeGo Harmattan. These are anything from games, to utilities, and media apps, all of them are free. You will find some of this apps in the store and others you will have to install yourself. Just download them from here and install them using this tutorial: installing .deb files on the N9. If you have any suggestions just drop us a line and send us a tip by using the button in the sidebar! We will be updating this list as cooler apps become available.

10. ScreenshotMe

This is a very simple app to take screenshots in your Nokia N9. However, it’s the coolest I have ever seen because of how it works. Just fire it up, and cover the screen with your hand to take thescreenshot. You can find this one at the Ovi Store.


9. Flashlight

Here’s a really useful app for everyone who usually gets home when is dark and scary, the flashlight app will light your way, for free! Here we can see how open MeeGo really is, few platforms give developers APIs to the actual LED flashlight and not just some lame white screen. You can get it at the Ovi Store.


8. Converter

The converter is perfect for those occasions in which you are trying to remember how many feet a meter is, or whatever other measure you are dealing with. With this free app you can know exactly what some measure is in another “language.” Ovi Store is where you get it.


7. File Manager

The Nokia N9 doesn’t come with a file manager; it is quite surprising for such a powerful platform like MeeGo Harmattan to miss an important feature like this one. You can install this free file manager for the N9 and start managing your files properly. Unfortunately, there’s no search function at the moment. You can download it here: File Manager


6. QtWeather

Want to get a weather app for your Nokia N9? QtWeather might be what you are looking for, just add your ZIP code and get the weather for up to 6 areas. By the way, when you open up the app, just add your ZIP code where it says “null,” it’s a bit confusing.


5. Space Invaders

Does this game need any introduction? Don’t think so, this is a classic that is available for free here: Invaders


4. Stockona

Here’s a simple app to track how your investments are going. You can sync your portfolios from Google Finance and Yahoo finance. You can get detailed information about the stock market and specific stocks, quite useful for those who invest. Download it here: Stockona


3. DJ Turntable

Here’s a really fun app/game for your Nokia N9. You can mix music, scratch audio, play beats, and create your own beats with the drum machine. The app is totally free for you to grab here: DJ Turntable


2. Twimgo

Here’s a cool and free Twitter client for the Nokia N9, you can expect pretty much everything you would from known apps such as Gravity (in terms of Twitter functionality of course). It only works in landscape mode at the moment; you can get it for free at the Ovi Store!


1. CuteTube

This is a really useful YouTube application for the Nokia N9. It also has support for DailyMotion and Vimeo. The app lets you watch videos from these services, but it also lets you download the videos to keep them in your N9 or even download the audio track from a certain video. You can also comment videos, rate videos, share on Twitter or fb, or check your channel’s details. It’s completely free and probably the coolest app out there for the N9; you can download it here: CuteTube.

  • Anonymous

    The N9 is kinda like the N900 in the way apps become available; some of this apps aren’t available in the Store (including #1 which is the coolest IMO), and other apps in the Store just aren’t as cool/useful. I did this list so that people and users who get a N9 in the next weeks/months can have a resource to get started with apps. Hope it doesn’t bother you.

    • http://twitter.com/hmmJD1 JD!

      So that means people like me (who have very less knowledge of Linux or coding) should not go for N9?
      This is a honest question.
      Pls. suggest the right option.

      • Anonymous

        Absolutely NOT! The N9 is very easy to use, but it does have all the advanced features at the same time like X-Terminal etc… You don’t have to use them if you don’t want to and you will have a great experience since it’s designed for EVERYONE to use.

        Anyway, the most difficult thing you will have to do is email an app to yourself to install a .deb file, but I think you will be able to get most of your apps in the Store.

  • http://twitter.com/hmmJD1 JD!

    I am not sure if you are a Meego developer but I gess you are… Since you own a N950 :)

    Just wanted you to request you to test this or make an app for the below functionality:
    My company uses MS Exchange.
    Emails will remain on server for only 2 to max 3 days as I have only 30 MB storage available on server.
    When I run exchange on my laptop, it download mails.
    Problem: When I use my c6-01 (symbian 3) headset. I have configure POP3 account as my company doesnt support Mail for exchange connector provided by Nokia :(
    The POP3 account sync with my server and only shows 3 day emails… So, in all practical purposes, I cannot have emails beyond 3 days on my phone.

    Requirement: Can you make a small app which will allow POP3 accounts to download emails on my mobile like my laptop? May be there might be an option to configure download or sync! As my yahoo account will be requiring sync only and my official email account would require download.
    Also, if there are any parameters which I can set wherein I can set how many days / months my phone should keep emails from my official email account on my phone.

    Hope I will hear from you.
    Thanks in advance.

    PS: If you can check this for WP7 as well.

    Without this both the phones are useless to me.

    PS2: This functionality is available over my blackberry headset!

    • Anonymous

      Sorry! Not a dev

      • http://twitter.com/hmmJD1 JD!

        means it is not possible :-(

        • http://twitter.com/hmmJD1 JD!

          It is Ok, if you are not interested in developing something like this…
          Can you guide me to someone who can help me in the above mentioned requirement?

        • Anonymous

          I don’t know anyone, you should try contacting a company or something, that app you want seems very complex