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Top 10 Free Applications For Nokia N900 | Maemo5

I love to try new apps on my Nokia devices, apps make the phone fun and add functionality to it, maybe group text, IM, or videochat. There are many apps for the Nokia N900 and Maemo5, that is why I have collected my favorite top 10 applications for the N900, here they are, starting from the 1th all the way to my favorite app for the N900:

10. TouchSearch

Apps like TouchSearch are what makes having a homescreen just brilliant, is so convenient, fast and simple to use that you fall in love with your homescreen and want to make it perfect and as feature-packed as possible. TouchSearch is one of the best widgets I have ever used. TouchSearch is a search widget for Maemo that lets you search right in the homescreen, it works brilliantly. You can select a main service, when you click the widget is opens a search box and lets you search. But the cool part is that there are more services you can use as easily as the main one. By pressing the ”+” a list opens, you select the service and a search box opens. This widget is having the web two clicks away, everything: eBay, Amazon, Google, Wikipedia, Dictionary.com, YouTube, WebMD, IMDb, and more as you can add services. You can download it here: TouchSearch

9. Stopish

This is rather a simple, yet necessary app that every phone must have. Stopish is basically a Stopwatch, no more no less. It comes really handy in the gym together with the N900’s kickstand, or when cooking. I have found myself using this app a lot, and the way you can position the N900 with its kickstand just makes it even cooler. You can get Stopish here: Stopish

8. Conversations Inbox Desktop Widget

Here is one cool widget that Nokia should have included by default on the Nokia N900: Conversations Widget. The N900 is a messaging powerhouse, with the amazing Conversations app you can talk with just about everyone you know. What this app needed was a little version of it on the homescreen. The Conversations widget provides just that, with this free widget for the N900 you can check SMS and IM messages, right on your N900’s desktop screen. Is a must for this device, you can get it here: Conversations Widget

7. Hahlo, The Twitter Client

The N900 has two advantage over all other smartphones, its web browser and its multitasking capability. By mixing this two advantages you can use pretty cool services, like Hahlo. Web Apps are not really apps for phones, but that changes in the N900, web apps function just like any other app because of the powerful web browsing and multitasking capability of the N900. I can’t find a good ”traditional” Twitter app for the N900, but I found Hahlo. Hahlo is a web service that offers all the advantages from a Twitter client. I have Hahlo constantly open on the background and keep a shortcut on my homescreen, to start using Hahlo just head to: hahlo.com

6. Angry Birds

AngryBirds is a really cool game for the Nokia N900. When I downloaded I couldn’t stop playing it, I left it open on the background and played every sec that I was free. Angry Birds is a really simple game but is totally addictive, you can’t stop playing it. AngryBirds is free, and you can buy more levels, but believe me the 20 free levels are more than enough to keep you playing for at least a couple of days. Angry Birds

5. Two Applets That Will Light Your Way

I really like applets, they add complex functionality easily on the frop down menu in the homescreen, it is also available device-wide, you can access it anytime on any app. Here are two cool applets that are really useful, brightness and flashlight. The Brightness applet lets you select the screen brightness from 1 to 5. Is really useful, as the N900’s battery is not that great, I keep the brightness at 3, but when I am going to show off my device I quickly open the applet and increase the brightness to 5. ┬áThe flashlight is also a great applet, you can quickly turn on the LED on the back of the N900 to light your way. The bad thing is that you first have to open the camera cover, which means you have to close the camera app to use the flashlight. Brigthness and Flashlight

4. OMweather

Forget the Foreca Weather app, OMweather is sooo much better. With OMweather you have a lot more of settings and option, also, you have different sets of icons you can use, not to mention that graphics by default are better. I also like about OMweahter that I can update it manually bu just pressing the widget and selecting ”Update,” then the app closes by itself, the weather is updated and that is it, very easy and pain-free. OMweather also supports more regions, I was able to find my city in OMweather but not in Foreca weather.

3. Personal Photo Frame

This is a really simple but fun widget, it should come pre-installed on the N900, but well, it didn’t. The Personal Photo Frame is just a widget that shows your pictures on the homescreen, the cool thing is that it has a lot of options. You can select different sizes, and determine how often pictures change. It really makes your homescreen look better with the pictures you have taken. You can also manually scroll through the pics right on the homescreen!

2. Hermes

Hermes is a very impressive app that should come built-into Maemo5, it is just amazing how it works. Hermes expands the contacts you have on your Phonebook with details from Facebook and Twitter. The N900 supports images for Contacts, that is nothing new, but if you have had this app on phones you know that is unlikely (impossible) to just have a nice picture of everyone you know. That is what Hermes does, it pulls the images from Facebook and Twitter and automatically assigns it to the correct contact on your Contacts app. It also syncs the birthdays with your calendar, so you never miss one. It is really useful, impressive, almost magical. Hermes

1. Joikuspot

Joikuspot has been a popular app among Nokia fans, and they did not let down Nokia users when Nokia released Maemo5. Although it was not immediately available, Joikuspot is now ready for the N900. It is an early beta version but does its job very well. I have ATT so I only get EDGE, but those with an N900 on an HSPA network will sure want to have this app to connect to the internet everywhere. To get Joikuspot head here: Joikuspot

0. Morpho QuickPanorama

Other Nokia devices offer Panoramic Pics as a standard feature, the N900 didn’t bring this feature but can be added by just installing one app. Morpho QuickPanorama allows you to take great panoramic pictures with the N900. The app is free to use but you have to pay to extend the features. With the free version you can take just VGA pics, but it is amazing, you take the Panoramic Pic in real time like if you were taking a video. The result is a perfectly made panoramic picture, like you have never seen before.

EXTRA!. Extra Plugins for Conversations App

This is by far the most useful thing you can install on the Nokia N900. The already awesome conversations app becomes ten times more useful when you install the extra protocol plugins. By installing this app, you can now chat over: Facebook, AIM, GTalk, MSN, Group Wise, ICQ, Gadu Gadu, QQ, SIP, Salut, Sametime and Yahoo all in the Conversations app. The app is just amazing, before this app, there were phones with chat apps, this is completely different. The plugin allows you to chat practically with everyone you know over different services in just one place, the only thing I really wished it supported to was Blackberry Messenger. You can find a guide on how to install the plugins here: Install Plugins N900

  • istanbul

    With free navigation its a all in one phone.

    But it must be although free for older Nokia-phones

  • MJ

    Extra Plug-ins for Conversations App is not working,it gives error every time i install the plug-ins,any suggestions?

  • Elaine

    can i open applications from facebook on my N900? for eg .. farmville / restaurant city or cafe town?

  • hussein

    @elaine yes you can since the built it browser supports flash/java i dont knw about firefox and opera but the built in browser should run them fine

  • Richard

    Hi there dude!

    I’m a gr8t fan of the E90, & seriously upset it’s ended . . . my handset is “tired” & is giving up after 3 years. The best thing is the BLACKBERRY which I’ve loaded on my E90, it works soooo well !

    I also have an N97 (not happy with it), no BLACKBERRY.

    About the new N900, can you load BLACKBERRY on it?

    Any answers will be cool !

  • arnavluppi

    n900 z totally waste …………

  • HenccaL

    While calling, incoming new call is not listed among “Missed calls”!! What to do now..?

  • Dipendra

    n900 is hanging frequently

    • Tommay

      I never enjoyed my N900 till i changed the wireless radio power from 100 mW to 10 mW, this might help you with the Hangs. 100 mW radio is serious work for any device and Nokia never should have left the default settings at that.

      to change it go to settings => Internet connections => connections => edit (any visible WIFI connect) => next => next => next => Advanced => other, change the Wi-fi transmission power: from 100 mW to 10 mW and save. Ejoy your phone after a reboot.

      • Houssein_os

        what will happen when u made it 10mw ?

      • Pankaj.58

        this was a very good and useful tip. can you explain when should we switch it to 100 mW and why?

  • Muhammad_imran5

    hi this pro.N900is real waste of money

  • akarsh

    nokia n900 or nokia 5800 is the best mobile

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WTJAWGQQOMBSHPRJQQ3N26HFCU Vu

    anglemeter is good… is there an app to type search in media player? or a media player w/ the search feature like in Package View. Somebody help please…