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Top 10 Free Applications for Nokia N97 and 5800

There are lots of free applications for the Nokia N97 and 5800, but there are some apps that offer more and are better  than others. That is why we have compiled a list of the top 10 apps for the Nokia 5800 and N97, let’s start with the countdown!

10.  Paint Pad

nokia-n97-photoshopPaint Pad is a pretty cool application, I think of it like a Microsoft Paint for Nokia touch screen devices like the N97 and 5800. The cool thing about this art app is that there are many tools and options, you can create a lot of cool graphics with all the tools that this app has. But the coolest feature is that you can open a picture previously taken with the 5800 and then edit is as you want, you know, maybe add a mustache to a friend or scrars etc… This app is lots of fun, and with the stylus the 5800 brings it is even better. Totally free to download here: paint-pad. Via: NokNok


9. TicTacToe

tictactoeA classical free game for the Nokia N97 and 5800, it is a very cool game with a very good looking interface. It is a game for two people, and that is what makes it special. You can lay your device on the table and start playing with a friend TicTacToe! It will recognize who won the match, if x’s or o’s. Simple but brilliant at the same time, you can download the game here for free: PixelBeats


8. Fring

fring-logoFring is probably the most feature rich application for mobile devices, it lets you communicate in many ways, it is almost like a communication center. Here are some of the services that Fring lets you use: Make and receive Skype calls, MSN Messenger, A1overIP, ICQ, SIP, Google Talk, Twitter, Yahoo Chat, AIM Chat, Orkut, Yandex Mail, WE-FI, Facebook and Last FM. Pretty impressive don’t you think? Over 15 services available from a single good looking and user friendly app. You can get Fring totally free here: Fring


7.Split The Bill

splitthebillAnother very good looking and useful application from Pixels Beat Paper. This free app for the Nokia N97 and 5800 is very useful when going out to eat at some restaurant, it lets you split the bill easily and get the tip also. Basically you insert the total amount due, then the number of people. The calculator will do the complicated college level math and give you the total amount that each person has to pay, everything from a good looking application. You can download it here:  PixelBeats. Via: Symbian-Guru


6. PhoneTorch

flashlight-nokia-5800An awesome application that enables a feature that was impossible to have on S60 3rd Ed devices. With this application you can use the Flash of your Nokia 5800 as a Flashlight, extremely useful in the dark, or when camping or entering late in the cinema. PhoneTorch just converts your 5800 into a flashlight for free! It also lets you choose between the red and white light of the flash. And in case you get lost in an island or something, this app lets you transmit morse code, you just write the message and the app will send it in morse with the flashlight, pretty cool! You can download it here: http://dev.meh.at/


last-fm_audioscrobbler_logoMobbler is a really cool application for the Nokia N97 and 5800, it lets you connect to your LAST.FM library from your device and hear your playlist and scrobble music directly from your device. It also lets you search for artist and it will then let you hear music from that artist and other similar artist, the cool thing about this app is that you get to know a lot of new music that you did not know. First, you need to sign up for LAST.FM here: SignUp and then you have to install Mobbler on your device, you can get it here: Mobbler 


4. Dabr

juan-48x48Dabr is not an application, is more of a web service for mobile devices. It is a Twitter client for Nokia phones, so you can do a lot of things on Dabr that you can’t do on Twitter. For example, you can favorite Tweets, post pictures and private message someone as well as search, ReTweet and see followers. It is Mobile Twitter on Steroids according to its creator. To use Dabr just go to Dabr.co.uk on your mobile device.

3.Google Maps

google-maps-logoGoogle Maps is a must have on every S60 device, its functionality is just amazing and is a very useful application as long as you have unlimited internet. With google maps you can search for anything and then get direction to reach that place in the shortest time available. Google maps uses the internal GPS of  the N97 and 5800, so you can know where you are exactly at every time. Another cool feature of google maps is that you can view detailed information of the place you are going, such as openinng hours and the phone number that is automatically dialed when the green key is pressed. To download google maps just go here: GMaps

2. Photo Browser

Photo Browser is an application created by the Nokia Beta Labs Team it is a really cool application that lets you browse your photos in a very cool and useful way. The photo browser has an amazing interface that even makes iPhone users jealous, when I show off my Nokia 5800, photo browser is the first application I always open to impress everyone. Photo Browser is hard to describe, so better watch this video! You can download it here: PhotoBrowser   


1. Nokia Messaging

The number one application for the Nokia 5800 is Nokia Messaging, with this wonderful application you will get the best E-Mail experience on your Nokia N97 or Nokia 5800. It is as complete as a desktop email client and completely replaces the built-in email client on the 5800. Nokia Messaging allows you to see and use every function of your email account, like sent items, a specific archive etc… Nokia Messaging also supports hotmail, which was unsupported by Nokia devices for many years. To install Nokia Messaging just go here: Nokia Messaging make sure to read all the instructions because its a little bit tricky to install.

  • http://rubbernecking.info Kevin Neely

    Nice little article, and I’m very excited about the phone torch application (note, it IS possible on 3rd edition devices, the E63 on my desk has a built-in flashlight application. Why they didn’t do this with more models, I don’t know).

    I have one quibble, however. Dabr over gravity? Gravity is easily the most gorgeous application on the 5800. The smooth scrolling and large buttons makes it act like a real touch device, not some touch add-on for S60.

    • Ankitiec

      i m looking for applications like Talking carl or Talking Tomcat for iPhone for my Nokia N97 please help

      • Enter

        Buy Iphones

  • http://rubbernecking.info Kevin Neely

    Okay, oops. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize they were FREE apps, which Gravity obviously is not. In that case, dabr is probably the best option going right now.

    • edward

      Hi Kevin, I am glad you liked the article, spent a while making it! The problem with the flashlight is that is only available on some S60 3rd Ed devices because Nokia built them in, for example the N93 and of course E63. But for example when you install the many torch, strobe, flashlight applications on a Nokia N95 or any other, it turns the red LED instead of the white one, so far there is no application that is able to turn the white LED on on S60 3rd Ed devices if not supported built in.

      Haha, and yes, of course Gravity went through my mind, only I remembered I had to pay for it!


    Great list, my favorite is TicTacToe, looks great to play with friends!

  • Jessica

    Thanks for sharing such a great apps but in my case Skype, Vopium and twitter is must.

    • edward

      You can use Skype with fring and twitter with Dabr, its all on the list!

  • Vinit

    Does Fring works on N97? I downloaded it but failed installing it.

    • edward

      Yes, works pretty well. Fring on my N97 is right now my only way to communicate while on vacations :)

  • Gurjit

    Useful article, thank you!

    Does anyone know if there is a windows live messenger app available?

  • Creature

    If you need an application to operate windows live messenger I can only but recommend Nimbuzz. I myself have an e71 which will tomorrow be upgraded to an N97 and will promptly get most of the apps on this page as well as Nimbuzz.

  • rin

    i’ve tried downloading some applications before, and after installing them, i cannot use my bluetooth. Why is that? Btw, i’m using 5800

  • dil

    the apps for N5800, can i also download on my N97? i like the photo browser

    • edward

      Yes you can

  • pavlos

    mobbler is incredible!!
    Streamin music!!
    And some of the latest tech electro from the biggest names in the industry!!
    Well done!
    The perfect app for me!!

  • taylan

    You guys call that stupid buggy ‘Nokia Photo Browser’ program cool ? hahaha then it means you never heard of ‘Cooliris’ on iphone/ipod touch. They just stealed the whole idea and make it work on Symbian phone. If you don’t believe me, search and find it yourself.

    • Anonymous

      Um, this article is about applications for the N97 or 5800, so nobody wants to know about your iPoo applications.

  • Jake

    I wish there’s an actual Yahoo Messenger Application for N97 =\

    • Rhys

      Use eBuddy.. that supports Yahoo Chat + more.

  • Jake

    I wish there’s an actual Yahoo Messenger Application for N97 =\
    great List though! i think I will try that Paint pad and Tic Tac Toe sometime =3

  • barry jones

    facebook for the n97 is terrible the iphone is well better why? Most of the apps for n97 are useless its a discrase

  • Ben Javed

    I can receive my mails on my nokia N97 but unable to send. Check all the settings…ok. Any comments ?

  • vijay

    the applications are realy awesome ……..but i got a problem with my n97 ,whenever i try to install an application there comes a message that the file is corrupted .can anyone please suggest upon this problem??donot hesitate to mail me …..

    • edward

      But what apps?

  • vijay

    any application i m trying it is the same mssaga that file is corrupted

  • Roy Negri

    i think all the application you selected are great the only one i dont agree is about email application. the application for emails for N97 that i am using as well ofcourse is emoze.
    its working just perfect on the N97 and makes the phone much more productive.


  • AutoGuy

    Ah!!! at last I found what I was looking for. Somtimes it takes so much effort to find even tiny useful piece of information.
    Nice post. Thanks

  • Kamran

    Hey vijay, you should try upgrading your N97 software, as I had similar problem and now thanks GOD its working perfect. God luck

  • KusariNinja

    Taylan. I think you’ll find that cooliris originally started as a webbrowser plugin not an iphone/itouch application….

    Anyways, I am getting an N97 in a few days time so I’ll be able to try out some of these cool little apps for myself and make the wife jealous as she still has an N95 lol

  • KusariNinja

    Oh forgot to say, nice writeup edward

  • jha

    nice article! does the photo browser also works on n97?

  • Kiran

    Can i have FM Transmitter application for 5800 Xm

    • edward

      You need hardware for that!

  • rahyme

    very nice article….is there any free email client?

  • shabeer

    How can I get fring to work on my 5800.I have downloaded it but it does not accept any internet connection

  • Joey Lee

    cool apps!! thanks for sharing :)

  • pathan salman

    n97 is very very good good

  • jin

    i got the fake version of a n97 would these apps work on my phone?

  • Socially

    You may also try the free @SociallyApp (http://bit.ly/6mFra0) on Nokia phones. It supports Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and integrates with the phone book by showing the profile photos and latest status of the callers during incoming calls. Here’s a review – http://blogs.nokia.com/dailyapp/2010/02/socially-can-tell-you-whats-up-before-answering-the-phone/

  • friend

    thanks, for flash light use off screen bright light
    or even funnier: offscreen strobe

  • abusufyan

    i updated my phone,,,before updating fm tranmit work well,but now there is no option of fm tranmit….so what can i do now? software version is v20.0.019

  • ashton

    you guys should check out nimbuzz in my opinion it’s much better and more versatile than fring

  • Joe Chums

    Just ordered N97 mini cant wait will get most of the above apps, thanks

  • Minhaj

    can anyone pliz pliz pLIZ HELP me,, Applications such as fringe and Nimbuzz used to work great on my Nokia N97 but since i treated my phone they wont work,, i still have the applications installed but they dont no longer detect any network connection,, i have a working wifi connection and also unlimited internet connection but both fringe n nimbuzz says i dont have a internet connection,, itz sucks really :(

  • suzanne green

    does anyone know y on nokia 5800 i get alerted everytime i recieve an email but cant turn off alerts

  • mushi

    is there an entertainment app similar to Talking Tom, the hilarious cat on iPhone, to use on N97mini?

  • Ltbiomed

    cool apps but broken link at split the bill

  • Khanna Nishant

    hi. m nishant. using N97 mini. noticed that there is no fm transmitter in it. so is it possible to use fm transmitter in n97 mini or any other alternative???

  • Khanna Nishant

    hi m nishant using n97mini. noticed that there is no fm transmitter in it. so is there any alternative of it.???

  • Khanna Nishant

    hi m nishant using n97mini. noticed that there is no fm transmitter in it. so is there any alternative of it.???

  • Venkats_1508

    Hi Nokia,
    I am looking for an application similar to Talking TOM CAT. trust me for last 3days i have been trying to get this application in my nokia phone. But the same is not available. I saw this application in one of my friends iPHONE and trust me i fell in love with it. Its a very good stress buster. Please help in getting similar application if possible ASAP. Venkatas

    • Moonpk786

      @ Venkats_1508 and @mushi i am looking Talking Cat as well did you got this softwear on nokia N97 ??? if yes let me know from where I need to download as well plez e-mail me that link on moonpk786@hotmail.com Plz plz plz……..

  • Fuatkorcari

    nokia N97 is a good phone,
    A question- Is posible watch a game live with this phone?

  • geust

    please tell me how to get tom the cat

  • Boy Kims


  • http://mobileinindia.in atish

    these r good but put some more themes

  • Omar Qasemi

    I am an Engineering student and I want to have some books and other engineering applications but I cant any thing for nokia mobiles these are all for Iphone.
    would you please show me the way how to find these kind of applications