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Title: 10 Hot Apps For Windows Phones

In the early days of the mass spread of smart phones, many thought that what would ultimately keep Apple products ahead of competitors was the enormous and constantly growing selection of electronic apps available in the iTunes app store. However, while this selection still exceeds that of most competitors, other smart phone options have made enormous strides in proving apps, both for gaming and utility, to customers.

Consider Windows Phones, for example. We know that there are certain design features and phone functions that Nokia and Windows have introduced that are drawing customers. However, the app library for Windows Phone users has also become extremely impressive. Here are 10 examples of the most popular and interesting Windows Phone apps of the year.


Fast becoming the preferred source of music on smart phones, Spotify (for a subscription fee) allows you access to any song or album you could want. Simply search, click and listen. You can also set up playlists for future listening.


Reddit.com is one of the biggest sensations on the Internet – a source for news, humor, general commentary, and much more. Baconit is the app that brings Reddit to your phone.


Reading isn’t always convenient on a smart phone, and SoundGecko solves that problem. Basically, it’s an audio reader for anything you’d ordinarily read on your smart phone.


This is a massive free app that is frankly difficult to understand without just trying. Basically, it’s a giant social app designed to help Windows Phone users build communities with other users based on similar activity and preferences.


ShareFile is an increasingly popular service in business and educational environments, designed to offer secure and advanced file sharing, as well as cloud storage options. The app brings these services simply to your phone.


Basically, this is a how-to guide for the gym. Videos, images, and ideas for stretched and exercises can enhance your workout immediately.

Google Maps

There’s also a Mapquest app available, but by now most agree that Google Maps is top dog in providing directions. It’s an essential app for your smart phone.


Falling into the “life hack” category, GasBuddy helps you to locate up-to-date gas prices around you. It’s a great way to save a bit of money in locating the best gas prices on the go.

YouTube Downloader

People love using YouTube on smart phones, but it can be frustrating when your Internet connection waivers. This clever app allows you to download and save YouTube videos on your phone to watch with or without connection.

Nextgen Reader

This RSS reader app is a convenient way to pull articles from your favorite sites and access them in a more appealing format (without clutter, links, ads, etc.).


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