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Three Giants One Decision: Nokia N97, Samsung Omnia HD or Sony Ericsson Idou


Sadly those times were Nokia devices were so ahead of the competition that the ”competition” was not even considered into one’s wish list,  is over. At the MWC  we learned that the N97 is the best Nokia phone and there is no other Nokia phone better that the N97 coming. And at MWC we also learned that Nokia is not anymore the only manufacturer that knows how to make interesting handsets.

Sony Ericsson released the Idou, which has 12.1 Megapixels with Xenon and LED flash. The screen has an amazing 3.5” and 360 x 640 and apparently it will run some kind of Symbian OS, maybe 5th Edition or Symbian Foundation OS.  The Idou it is very impressive, a beautiful phone.


Samsung has the Omnia HD which has an even more amazing 3.7 inch screen with OLED technology and same resolution as the Idou. But the Omnia is not ”HD” because it sounds techy and cool, the freaking phone actually records video @HD resolution and has HDMI Out-Support. The specs obviously include GPS, WI-FI etc… The HD will run 5th edition, I think Samsung realized how crappy Windows Mobile was on the original Omnia.  Anyway the HD has 8 Megapixels and LED flash.


The N97 has the same screen as the Idou, meaning that is smaller than the HD screen and it does not pack OLED technology. The N97 is the phone with the least amount of megapixels, only 5 no Xenon, instead Dual-Flash. But the N97 is the only one with FM Transmitter and a total capacity of 48GB storage unlike the 32GB of the HD and the 16GB of the Idou. The N97 is also the only phone with the QWERTY keyboard and all the cool Nokia services such as the just released OVI Store and N-Gage.


So there you go, 3 really cool expensive  smartphones, which one to buy? I like the Sony Ericsson really, maybe I am saying ”I do”  to it.  But the HD has a gigantic screen that is calling me, conclusion is: Nokia is loosing the lead, now I am actually thinking of buying other smartphones.