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Threaded SMS Coming To Nokia Phones With Symbian^3

After yesterday’s article about the Nokia E5 suggesting that it should have an option to enable threaded SMS messaging, @EldarMurtazin from Mobile-Review tweeted to @NokiaMobileBlog that Symbian^3 will have this feature! You can take a look at the tweet here: Tweet. If you ever read Mobile-Review, you probably know that Eldar has access to upcoming phones, for example, he published a full review of the N900 before Nokia even said something! Bottom line is, if Eldar says Symbian^3 will have Threaded SMS, chances are very high that it will in fact have threaded SMS.

Threaded messaging allows the user to keep track of the conversation easier by displaying  messages in a chat-like form. This feature became very popular with the iPhone, and then spread to other platforms like Android. Nokia, so far, only has the N900 which displays SMS in threaded way, but no Symbian phone has been released with the feature built-in. So what do you think? I am already excited for Symbian^3, and since Nokia is taking long they must be working hard on the latest Symbian release, however, Nokia shouldn’t take that long to release Symbian^3. We are waiting!