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Themes N900: Two Awesome Themes For The Nokia N900

I really like to try different themes on my devices, I like to download different themes to find one that I really like. But ¬†although the Nokia N900 supports themes, there aren’t many themes available for the N900 yet, there will be in the future. There are a few themes on the Ovi Store, but I find them really bad, so I thought that there had to be more themes on the web. I found two really nice looking themes for the N900, a ”Glossy” theme and a cool ”Maemo Orange” theme. To get them just follow this instructions:

1. Open the web browser and go to maemo.org

2. Select ”Downloads”

3. Right hand side select ”Maemo5”

4. On the search box type ”Theme”

As you can see, there are just two themes available for the Nokia N900 through Maemo.org. To install them, just click on the big green arrow and follow the process. Although there are other themes for the N900 available on the web, they involve getting root on the device and manually transferring files. I might do a tutorial in the coming days on how to install this themes.

  • Bangladesh Mobile

    Thanks for the themes …

  • Mike Bowen

    There are actually quite a lot of themes available for the Nokia N900. If you enter the Repository via the application manager, under desktop you will find plenty.

    Themes found under desktop are:
    Array, buildon, buuf, contour-nerv, D-Theme Aeroblack, Aeroblue, Aerogreen, Aeroorange, black, blandandgreen, blue, gold, green, red, simpleblue, simplemaemo, smoothmaemo, Marina etc.

    As for wallpapers, there is a brilliant wallpaper manager called prismic.