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The Top 5 Nokia Of All Time – Classics

Nokia is the most popular and the world’s leader phone supplier, Nokia covers each segment of the market and their sales are better than any other manufacturer by a wide margin. To have a closer look at the history of Nokia and see how it became what it is today, I have compiled the top 5 Nokia phones of all time, each phone did something different that caused a great impact.

1. Nokia 1100

The Nokia 1100 is as simple as it gets, but even with such a simplicity, Nokia still did something special with the 1100. It was dust-resistant and had a nice flashlight on the top, making it perfect for emerging markets along with the cheap price tag. The Nokia 1100 also packed the very special and classic game ”Snake” that became widely known by all the users and is today 100%  associated with Nokia phones. But definitively, the most special thing about the Nokia 1100 is that is the world’s most sold cellphone, it sold over 200 million units and still remains as the world’s most sold cellphone. A very special phone!



2. Nokia 9000

The world’s first smartphone was the Nokia 9000, the pioneer and father of all modern smartphones and PDA phones.  The Nokia 9000 was released in 1998 as the world’s first smartphone with PDA capabilities and extended functionality. The 9000 looked just like a brick and there is no way it would fir in any pocket unless you wear cargos. The 9000 only had one 2G band, weighted almost 400g, was ugly and expensive but it was the first device to support email and fax as well as other ”complex” functions such as an Organizer and calendar, and not to mention that it gave way to the whole idea of a mobile computer. The Nokia 9000 is the second in the list because is the father of all modern Nokia smartphones



3. Nokia 6600

The Nokia 6600 is the third phone in our list because it was a revolution in its time, the Nokia 6600 was the most advanced product ever launched by Nokia and soon found the way into the heart of many people. The 6600 was a revolution in the smartphone industry and quickly got a lot of fans, in fact there are many people that still use the Nokia 6600 aas their only phone; the 6600 was very well built and survived every impact without loosing functionality.


4. Nokia N95

The N95 should be in every list related to phones, the N95 was just a revolution and something amazing that happened to humanity, by far the phone with most fans, and a phone that converted many to being Nokia fans. When Nokia announced this phone absolutely no one could believe the specification sheet, it was just too good to be true and seemed unlikely that such a good thing could exists. The N95 is such a good phone that it shadowed its successor and although a little oldie, it still beats many modern phones in terms of features and specifications. The Nokia N95 sold over 10 million units and is the king of smartphones.



5. Nokia N97

The latest and greatest flagship from Nokia, the N97 is still not out but the specifications, design and features make it a very desirable phone. The N97 packs amazing functionality with probably the most complete specification sheet ever, the N97 is the future of mobile phones and sets the standard very high for the competition. 


So that was the list of the top 5 Nokia phones that changed something or did something important, if you have any suggestion or think that there are other models that are more important just leave a comment!

  • Jussi

    You forgot all the good oldies, like 1610 series, 8110, 3210, 6110 and the likes.

    • edward

      Yeah, of course in five models you cont reduce the whole story, but those are very important.

  • Piabill

    Do you have a working Nokia 9000 that was manufactured before May of 1997?