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The Story of My Nokia N810 Internet Tablet – How I got it and Why I sold it-

I have always been loyal to Nokia, in fact the only phone that I had which was not made by Nokia was my first phone; the Moto V3 which I thought was cool but was soon forgotten because of my first true mobile phone, the Nokia 9300 which so far has been my favourite Nokia device.

Some months ago I decided to buy, and give a try to the Nokia N810 just because it seemed interesting and well…it is a Nokia; it seemed a very cool and useful gadget. I found a pretty good deal and bought it with some extra accessories to complement it. I have to say I was very excited, it was the first Nokia device I was going to have that didn’t run S60, or was a phone for that matter.  Before getting my N810 I did some research and got apps and whatnot to load my new Nokia N810, then I patiently waited for its arrival.


The Nokia N810 finally arrived and when I got it out of the box it seemed a true marvel and exciting device, it had a huge screen and the kickstand with QWERTY keyboard just made it look even more amazing. When I turned the N810 ON I had a long look at it, I  explored Maemo, which is the OS, and used every function and feature of it. I also loaded tons of games, apps, music and videos. I was happy with my new device and was looking after using it everyday.

First week of use everything went ok, left pocket I had my N810 and right one my N95 8GB or N82. (I really felt like a geek) and I got to use the N810 every sec I could. I continued using the N810 but I was feeling something was wrong,  after some short time I just did not want to carry the N810 anymore, not in my pockets; it was too big and uncomfortable.  I tought that I could leave my N810 at home and use it frequently if I was carying a briefcase or backpack for the day, so I just left the N810 on the desk.  Time passed and the N810 just remained on the desk, I even forgot to keep it charged;  after some time I just sold it. Here is what I exactly think about the N810 after owning it for two months more-unless:

Its an useless device!  It is not a computer, it is not a phone, it is  not a GPS or a media player:  it’s an internet tablet; it is nothing!!  The N810 is unique, but in the bad way meaning it falls on a category that is ”nothing”.  The N810 does not have a specific use,  its like a mix of stuff in one device but an incomplete mix.  Too small and incomplete to be a computer and too big to be a handheld device, is it a phone? No the Nokia N810 is not a phone, and all its features are present on my S60 device: GPS, Internet, Games, Apps, Media etc… I really can’t find something that the N810 does that a S60 cannot, only thing I can think of is the screen and the keyboard; and that takes me to my last point.

Nokia killed the internet tablets with the N97:  It is said that the new Internet Tablet will have 3G, not voice, only data. But to me thats not logical, it is just another bill to pay monthly; and the N97 is all an internet tablet can be: big screen, QWERTY, touch screen, GPS , etc…

So, would I recommend someone to buy a N810? No, unless you already exactly what you are going to use it for and are sure about it. The N810 is…… a useless device, simple.

  • Robinsonketty

    I am not agree with you. I got Nokia n810 as my birthday gift. I was impressed when I just looked at it. This is a cool phone with metal & glass in a small footprint. It is kind of mini laptop with almost all applications such as e-books reading, video viewing, Skype and remote desktop application. The main cons is that its not so smooth software wise. Overall it’s a device with which you feel that you are never done with experiencing how much you can do.

  • http://www.nokiaphonereview.net/nokia-n810-review.html Nokia N810

    Ya I agree with your views. As long a one doesn’t knows for what purpose he is going to use the phone it is just a useless kind of thing going for any of the cell phones.