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The Nokia X3 Has a Touchscreen, Great Design and a Bright Future

When was the last time you ever wanted a feature phone, aka dumbphone? I don’t ever remember of wanting anything that didn’t cost at least $500. But Nokia, at a totally unexpected time, revealed the first featurephone that many would like to have. The Nokia X3 Touch and Type.

The Nokia X3 is a really interesting phone. It is the first S40 Touchscreen device running S40 6th Ed. FP1. But the magic of the X3 lays in its form factor. With a just 0.4 inch thick body and an aluminium back, the Nokia X3 has a 2.4” touchscreen on top of a 12-key keyboard. This is a brand new form factor for Nokia, and for the industry in general. The Nokia X3 is aimed at the low end of the market at a really good price of just $160. The Nokia X3 will come in 5 colors.

The X3, although being a featurephone, has a lot of features found on smartphones. For example, it has a native email client, has Ovi Store to download and install apps,  web browser with Flash Lite 3.0, VOIP, Quad-Band 3G, and well, a touchscreen. The X3 will also feature a really good speaker that can be seen on the bottom of the phone.

The X3 looks beautiful, it is a really exclusive and brilliant design coming from Nokia. And we think this device will be a winner, its design, price, and features clearly show it as one. Don’t forget to show the event site to demo the X3: Nokia Events

  • Ameer

    When it will be available in India ?

  • Hamza

    I have brought Nokia x3-02 one week ago and my life becomes hell since than. It does not have any options in massages. U can not mark them, u can not save selected massages to a folder etc. Moreover, It does not support all Mp3 songs. I have updated its software and have checked it from Nokia care in Lahore. They took my phone for 3 days and the problem is still there. About massage options they say that this set does not have any such option and when i came back to home, the songs were still not playing. What the hell… My Rs. 15,500/- are wasted… Motherfucker people of Nokia Care and Fucking mobile… strongly not reccommended