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The Nokia N97 Processor Speed Details | Quick Update

Some time ago people were asking what type of processor was the Nokia N97 going to have, and it was totally unknown, not even in the most complete specification sheet at Nokia Forum was that detail given. As many people, I was also very eager to see the speed and type of processor the N97 was going to have, I wanted an ¬†Texas Instruments OMAP 3 processor that would really make the N97 a ”powerful monster”. The news are that the processor speed details magically appeared today at Nokia forum, and they are not exciting at all. The Nokia N97 has the same processor than the Nokia N95 but clocked at a higer speed, it is a Sinlge ARM 11 CPU Clocked at 434mHz. So there you go, the N97 will not have the TI OMAP 3 but the ol ARM 11 instead. Anyway, for those who are about to complain, would you rather complain about the N97 not having the TI OMAP 3 or the N97 being too expensive because of the TI OMAP 3?¬† Here are the specs: Nokia Forum

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  • http://seriousmobile.wordpress.com Donny

    Sorry but OMAP3 being expensive is NOT an excuse! The OMAP3 – the 3230 can be had for developers in a kit for $145US with USB connector, Memory Card slot, power adapter, etc in a basic mobo kit online. Check the Maemo sites that link to it for sale. In BULK orders Nokia could make this cheaper for mass market consumption – its called economies of scale.