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The Nokia N97 Now for Pre-Order on Amazon!

The Nokia N97 has been up for pre order at NokiaUSA for now a while, but yesterday it went also up for pre-order at Amazon, and for a really different price. Amazon has the Nokia N97 for pre-order at an amazing $603 USD! The price is remarkably lower than the price NokiaUSA offers, here is more or less the math. Here is the Nokia N97 at Amazon

NokiaUSA offers the N97 for $699USD, but for a weird reason they charge tax and handling, so the $699USD price tag is more of a $750USD price tag depending on the state you are. On the other hand, Amazon charges no tax and no handling, so the price can go up to $630USD at the most if shipped with Overnight service. However, there is more of the story to tell.


The N97 still does not show on the Amazon listings since searching for N97 at Amazon finds no results. Also according to the official Nseries Blog, the N97’s ordered from a Nokia shop will ship directly from the production line, so there is a chance you will get the N97 from NokiaUSA first.

Via Mark and Nseries Blog