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The Nokia N97 in Vodafone – As Usual No N97 in ATT U.S.A


The very cool Nokia N97 is now showing on the Vodafone site! The hottest Nokia handset is confirmed to be available in Vodafone, the date?  July, of this year of course. All this means that the great Nokia N97 is just 3 months away from public release, even though,  Nokia said at the Mobile World Congress that the N97 would be available in June this year.  So far so good, the Europeans are getting the N97 very soon (that rhymes), but what about the people in North America?  As always, the only carrier in  the U.S.A that supports the specifications of the N97,  Cingular/ATT ,  is definitively not going to offer the N97 on their network.  So the only way to get the N97 in the U.S.A is through online  retailers, and of course the release date for the Nokia N97 NAM is going to be 1 to 3 months later and at the un-friendly price unlocked phones usually have. I still don’t get why ATT does not carry all the great Nokia handsets, the 5800 would have been a big hit in the U.S.A if ATT would have decided to carry it. Anyway, in the meanwhile, 97% of the population in the States is still thinking that Nokia is a chinese low-end manufacturer. [via: IntoMobile]