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The Nokia N9 MeeGo Phone Surfaces: Here Is What It’s Known About It

I have been frustrated with Nokia for now a while; and there is a good reason behind it. After some time using Nokia devices, I needed a new smartphone but there simply wasn’t anything in Nokia’s portfolio that could compete with what others were offering. And still, to this date, this holds true. Nokia has the N8, sure, but they are taking too long releasing it. And after all this time of unexciting devices, finally there’s rumor about what Nokia has been doing all this time, the Nokia N9! Note that this is a rumor, but the clues are too legitimate for this to be a big lie.

So what is the Nokia N9? It is what everyone knew that was coming, and what everyone has been waiting for; the flagship MeeGo device from Nokia. What we knew about this device was just the name, and that it was going to run MeeGo. But now some pictures are out showing the N9 in its full glory, and it sure looks great. If you look closely, the construction of the device is very different from what we have seen. It looks stylized, elegant, expensive, and beautiful; just something different from every other smartphone out there. Even the Nokia N8, which is a beautiful aluminium device, looks like another cheap phone compared to the N9. The N9 does look like a MacBook Pro, and that could be both a bad and a good thing. We look it more as a win from Nokia, they could gain some Mac fans with this design, while having a phone with great looks. The N9 is supposed to be all aluminium, with some small plastic parts around. Some people have been questioning whether it’s plastic, but the  screw threads could indicate that it is some kind of metal.

The form factor is similar to the N97, but the angle to which the screen is flipped seems a lot less than in the N97. The screen size is unknown, as well as its resolution and technology. But it does look like a 4” inch in the pics, what we can’t know from them is whether it is an AMOLED screen, or if it is capacitive or resistive – although capacitive seems like like a standard in high-end smartphones now.

The Nokia N9 will run MeeGo, this is definitively not a Symbian handset, the pics prove it. MeeGo is going to be a brand new OS, and although it could be a let down, there are two big companies behind it, and it is the successor of Maemo 5 which is a very impressive OS. The MeeGo videos around also show a very advanced and good looking UI.

So when is the N9 coming? The rumor says that it will be released by the first week of December, so probably a September announcement seems right. Perhaps we will see the N9 announced at Nokia World 2010? Stay Tuned! Because we will be there covering the event!