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The Nokia N86 Gets Closer to Release Date! Passes FCC

The U.S Government’s Federal Comunications Comission, is the agency that makes sure wireless products are safe to use, all phones sold in North America have to go through the FCC in order to be sold. And usually, when a phone gets the FCC approval, it means that it is closer to hit the shelves and be released that one could imagine. Todays turn was for the Nokia N86 which passed the FCC in the North American variant, meaning that the N86 is now closer to be released in the United States.


The Nokia N86 is Nokia’s ultimate photography device, with mechanicak shutter, variable aperture. Dual-Led flash, Carl-Zeiss Optics and 8 Megapixels, the N86 is a more of a camera than a phone. The Nokia N86 is supposed to release in the second quarter of this year. Stay tuned for more Nokia N86 news!

Via: Engadget Mobile