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The Nokia E63 Double Review | Part One Featuring Special Invites E71 and E62

Here at Nokia Planet we had the amazing opportunity to review the Nokia E63 QWERTY device and at the same time have a quick look/comparison with older brother E71 and grandpa E62. All this devices have been Nokia’s QWERTY stars serving businessman or texting aficionados and supplying them with messaging focused devices with comfortable QWERTY keyboards.

The Nokia E63 was released December of the past year in Europe and is about to launch in the US with the 850/1900Mhz 3G bands for AT&T. The E63 is a low end device in a high end line of smartphones, the Eseries line which according to Nokia stands up for Excellence or Enterprise Series. The E63 is an imitation of the famous and widely known Nokia E71 but in a cheaper flavor and therefore less features and functionality. Mainly aimed at the stereotypical teen who texts all day long and want a device that stands from the rest, from there the bright blue and red colors of the E63. In this part one of the E63 review we will be covering the evolution and design.


The E63 comes only in two colors, a bright blue and a bright red. When I first saw the E63 on pictures I could not believe Nokia could think that such horrible colors on a smartphone would sell. Fortunately I was wrong and the E63 did sell, and is in part because the E63 does not look even a bit the same in pictures as in real life. In pictures the E63 looks horrible and funny, pretty much like a toy, but in real life it looks very well balanced and does not look unusual like in pictures although the more serious and stylish design of the E71 is more appealing for most of the people.

The E63 is made entirely out of plastic, no metal parts anywhere. The front plastic has a shiny finishe and doesn’t feel cheap like in other Nokia devices, the back part is rubberized and totally plain, no schemes or patterns like in the E71.

The E63 amazingly does not have the typical S60 power button on top, instead the red button on the left does the job.  The E63 key layout is very similar to the E71’s layout except for the volume keys at the right side which disappeared and the space bar which is not as spacious and doubles as a flashlight key on the E63, a feature not seen since the Nokia N93. The E63 is a also a little bit thicker than the E71 but lighter since it does not include metal on its body. A huge difference between the E63 and E71 is that the E63 includes a 3.5mm Audio Port so the user can plug any headset, a feature many have asked for in the E71.

The E63 looks alright, in real life does not look as horrible in pictures but is not a pretty device, it is in the middle and is hard to decide. The conclusion has to be yours since each person has a different style.


The E63 belongs to a legendary segment of the Nokia portfolio, the QWERTY  Eseries messengers that started back with the Nokia E62. And since here at Nokia Planet we have the E62, we thought we could take a closer look of this line’s evolution from the E62 to the E63.

The E62 released back in 2006 was the first Nokia with the typical Screen-QWERTY keyboard design. It did not include a camera by then, was very big and did not have 3G.  The E62 also had a curious joystick instead of the D-Pad which was not a success among the users. The E62 was also a slow device but it did its job pretty well.

Then the E61i came which was a bit more advanced with WI-FI, 3G and 2MP camera and a slimmer design, however it was not as famous as the E62/E61.

Then the famous, popular and winner of many prizes came. The Nokia E71 with a totally renewed look. The Nokia E71 is a very slim device and with the best build-quality ever on a Nokia Smartphone, a lot of metal parts blended with high quality minor plastic parts and extraordinary ergonomics. All this made the Nokia E71 winner of many recognized awards like Mobile Choice Awards and WIRED magazine awards.


Then the E63 came, not as popular as the E71 but with a very good price/features ratio. The E63 however is not aimed at the same consumers as the E62 and E71 were, this two handsets were aimed mainly at business people. But the E63 is completely different, Nokia realized that the only consumers that use and want email on the go are not the business people but regular people too, they discovered that there are a lot of people that use the email to connect with their families and friends and not necesarily use it for business email purposes, that is why Nokia launched the E63 and included the first 3.5mm Audio port ever on a Eseries device .

The E63 changed the focus of the Eseries line, but it also evolved in terms of features since the first QWERTY messenger E62. The main improvement of the E63 over the E62 is that the E63 is a lot quicker than the E62 and there is no lag on menus anymore. Other features like the addition of a 2 Megapixel camera with flash and 3G came in the E63.

In conclusion the E63 is a new evolution, it is the first Eseries device not aimed at business people but regular people too, but what would do the E63 perfect is a lower price tag of around $180 us dolars.

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  • http://maisonchaplinmobile.blogspot.com MAISON CHAPLIN MOBILE

    Personally I don't find it horrible, even in photos; the colors are red and blue because that device has as target market the young people, because these young folks do prefer qwerty keyboards because it's more friendly user for sms's.

  • Rita

    Nokia e71 rocks and if we compare it with nokia e63 there is no comparison of these two devices e63 is crap!! Phone is not only bulky but also not equipped with all the features that e71 has. Best thing is using my e71 with Vopium for VoIP calls and it works like anything but facing battery drain issue. Does anyone face the same problem ?

  • http://nseries-blog.com Edward Umana

    Steps to relieve battery drainage:

    1. Make sure GPS is OFF.
    2. After you used your device long press the menu button, then highlight the applications and press the delete button and answer yes, it will ask if you want to close the app. Or simply close all apps, make sure nothing is running on the background.
    3. Make sure WLAN Scanning is turned Off
    4. Make sure Bluetooth is turned OFF.
    5. If you automatic retrieval set the timer for longer periods of time
    6. Set the screen brightness to mid-level

    7. (Important) Do a software update: http://europe.nokia.com/get-support-and-software/download-software/e71-update-phone

    Of course yoou cant compare to the E63, but that is if you already have a E71 because people considering buying the E63 want to know what they are missing. As always there are two different views to the issue. ;)