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The Nokia C6! Will It Conquer The World?

Nokia’s strategy to put the power of smartphones in the hands of everyone for a low price is just smart. Nokia will use its Symbian platform for cheap smartphones, and Meego for high-end smartphones (although Symbian will also be used for the high-end segment). Anyway, the Cseries from Nokia which is about affordable smartphones for everyone might get the most interesting and cool smartphone ever, the Nokia C6. Apparently the C6 will be a low-priced smartphone with some serious capabilities and features. Take a look:

We still don’t know if it is real, our opinion is that the image looks too official for it not to be real. This image looks just like the typical Nokia press picture. From the pic you also can tell it will run Symbian^3, and will sport an amazing 4-row QWERTY keyboard. 3G will be also on board, and we don’t think there is any reason for it not to have GPS, WI-FI and Bluetooth. Lets hope it gets announced soon!

  • dnbrv

    The screen clearly shows a Bluetooth ‘on’ icon and what looks like a new icon for Wi-Fi ‘on’ so I think it’s well beyond any reasonable assumption that those features will be included. Unless, of course, this image is fake.