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The Nokia 800 Windows Phone is now Almost Official

There has been rumors about a certain Nokia 800 in the past, but nothing as “official” as what pocketnow has managed to get. The Nokia 800 is shown in the following picture looking very official, running Windows Phone, and with a price tag of about $460 USD.

I am going to go ahead and completely assume that the price tag is for an unlocked Nokia 800. Nokia usually gives prices for unlocked devices since it’s the operator’s job to fix a subsided price; plus, prices at events like Nokia World last year were for unlocked devices. The 800 would be somehow better than the Nokia 703 that recently leaked. No specs were found for the 800, but expect it to be more amazing than the 703. I can’t wait to see Nokia’s first batch of Windows Phone devices; I really want them to take the world by storm.

And the hype keeps building up and up…

  • Michael Prince

    I have to agree .. I really want this to work out for Nokia … mainly for selfish reasons:

    * I want Windows Phone to succeed because … well .. Microsoft is less evil than Apple .. and Google are just erratic. I support iDevices as well as blackberries. RIMM are better than Apple in this space, but Microsoft SHOULD be able to kick butt .. although at present they are largely ignoring the enterprise.

    * I invested in Nokia directly after the Feb 11 announcement of the switch to Windows Phone. I guess I was one of the minority that thought this was a good thing. My timing was a little off, but I still believe in Elop and the new strategy.

  • Andrea Terzaghi

    I’m very courious to see tris product!!!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t waste your money, if it doesn’t have front facing camera and and litte larger screen. Otherwise it is another crap.