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The Nokia 5330 XpressMusic Could be for T-Mobile USA


Here in the United States Nokia has almost zero presence, the people know Nokia as a low-end manufacturer and don’t really pay attention to it; and it is because seems that Nokia and carriers over here either can’t agree on something (like the E71x which supposedly is going to AT&T) or Nokia simply does not care.

Anyway, there are some rumors saying that the mid-end Nokia 5330 XpressMusic could go on sale in T-Mobile USA, probably to replace the Nokia 5610 which the already have. The 5330, if rumours are true, will run on T-Mobile’s weird 1700MHz 3G network and will go on sale this June. 

Personally I am dying to see Nokia high-end phones on American carriers, what about a Nokia 5800 for AT&T, or better a Nokia N97 for AT&T! Seems it will never happen.

[Via: Engadget Mobile]