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The Lumia 800 is a “BMW 5-Series”

If you know about BMW’s naming convention, you know the 7-Series is the top of the line BMW; having a bigger engine, more space, and also costing a couple thousands more. Now, if the Lumia 800 is a BMW 5-Series, the 7-series-equivalent of the Lumia family will be the top of the line Nokia: bigger screen, more features, and also a heftier price tag.

Nokia’s chief in France revealed to Le Parisien that the Lumia 800 is “like a BMW 5-Series,” and there would be a 7-Series equivalent coming soon. That could well be the Nokia Lumia 900 that has been leaked before, with a 4.3″ inch display, just 8mm thickness, and LTE technology for AT&T in the U.S. Hopefully we’ll hear more about this flagship within a couple of months. It’s rumored to make its appearance by CES in early January.

But Nokia’s French chief did not stop there; he mentioned that Nokia will out a Windows 8 tablet by June of 2012! That’s a little bit far away right now, but cool nonetheless.