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The E71 Climbs Mount Everest! Survives Intact

The Nokia E71 is the closes thing Nokia has to a ruggedized phone, by far the Nokia with the best build quality and quality materials. The E71 is an amazing device thatnokia-e71-white got a lot of fans and happy users, and now, the E71 even went to an expedition on Mount Everest and survived intact! Marc Batard and Nathalie from NumeriMatch were the guys that climbed Mount Everest back in 1990 without Oxygen and in the record time of 22 hours and 29 minutes, and now they did it again, only this time they got a Nokia E71 to share their experience with the world, they did several videos and took many pictures of the highest mountain in the world, the Mount Everest. Here is a video they did with the E71, all I can think is, Doesn’t the E71 get ridiculously cold to hold on Mount Everest? It is all metal! Via: Nokia Conversations

  • Marks

    Hhahah, edward you are right, my E71 is all metal and sometimes I can’t hold it, I cant imagine how cold the casing can get on mount everest!

  • Daniel

    The E71 is like a legend, I wonder how to successor will be….