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The Coolest Free App For The 5800 and N97: Point and Find

Point and Find is a totally amazing application that Nokia made for S60 3rd Ed devices. It works almost like magic, you point your phone to a movie poster and the app returns local movie times for that movie, you can point to a barcode and your phone will return the cheapest price for that item online and, you can point to a sight, like the Eiffel Tower, and your device will let you know everything about it.

The app is really cool, its impressive and useful at the same time. Point and Find can be downloaded from ”pointandfind.nokia.com” right from your Nokia device, remember, touchscreen devices like the Nokia N97, X6, 5530, 5800, N97 Mini etc…

  • Jason

    For my 5800 says it is not supported, cant even download it. I really wish I could!!

  • Mpumi

    Nice, i just downloaded it and checked out some qcodes… its quite rad, I’m using a 5800xm. Try it again Jason. ;)

  • fawzi

    how can i download it plz :) thank you

  • forumetki

    good !

  • Borja

    pls give me the link to down load it, canĀ“t seem to find it on this page, tx

  • tom

    I don’t see download link here plz help me
    dos it work on 5530 xm