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The Camera Detailing of the 920 is Zirconium Made

One of my personal complaints about the Lumia 900, 800, and Nokia N9 is the aluminum-made camera plate. I have been through two 900’s, two N9’s, and one 800; in all of them, this piece would scratch within 24 hours of unboxing the device.

The good news today is that Nokia is really paying attention to the details! (This little detail says a lot, they are really striving for better products). As mentioned at NC, the back camera plate, and all three sidekeys of the Lumia 920 are made out of ceramic zirconium. This material is wear resistant and scratch resistant! We can now safely remove the little plastic on the plate knowing it will remain unscratched… at least for the first 24 hours. Notice above the color changed from shiny silver to a cooler matte black.

Thanks CJ for the image