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The Blue Nokia N8 Is Looking Great Too! What Color To Get?

I don’t know if it is me but everyone is paying special attention to the orange Nokia N8, and why not, the orange Nokia N8 is a great looking device! But now taking a look at a live picture of the blue Nokia N8 I now will have a hard time deciding between the orange, the blue, and perhaps the black Nokia N8. The unusual thing about the ”colors” in the Nokia N8 is that apparently they change a lot from what the official pictures show, and how the device actually looks like. Here is a live picture of the Nokia N8 in blue, and orange:

And now take a look at the official picture of the blue Nokia N8:

Looks really different, doesn’t it? The official picture shows a more light and really an aquamarine color, while the live shot shows what everyone would call blue. This, however, brings me to a whole new decision. What color to buy? I was thinking that silver/black is too usual, is the norm, and that maybe the blue/orange would be something more refreshing. Well, looks like I still have three months to think about it since the Nokia N8 will come apparently around August 24.

Pic via: MyNokiaMobile

  • Kevin

    Im having a hard time deciding as well, I want either green or black, Green is my fav color but I dunno…