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The Best Web Browser For Nokia Devices | Skyfire

A step that smartphones have to take for being closer to compete with full sized computers, is the web browser. Even though Nokia has added Flash Lite 3 to now most of their high-end devices, there are still plenty of scripts that don’t run on smartphones and can cause a whole website to not show correctly or not show at all,  limiting the user to the content only supported by the phone’s web browser. It is many times frustrating not to be able to browse a web site on a mobile phone because of the limits of its web browser, but that could change with Skyfire, a mobile web browser with no limits. 

Here at the Nokia Mobile Blog we are big fans of Skyfire, a free mobile browser for Nokia devices that can do everything the native S60 browser can’t. Skyfire is probably the best application for Nokia mobile phones because it enables them to have the full Web, real fast and with absolutely no limits. With Skyfire you can see any web site with all its content including all kinds of video and audio files, Skyfire is compatible with AJAX, Flash, SilverLight, Java and many more plugins that mobile browsers lack, the result is an amazing web browser that enables you to have the full web on your phone at amazing speeds. In the picture below you can see the difference between Skyfire, the standard browser and how they load the video that is currently on the low area of the sidebar. Skyfire (right) has no problem showing it while the native  S60 browser is not able because Flash 9 is not supported. 

On top, Skyfire has other useful features, you can update your Twitter status and Facebook status right from your Skyfire home screen. There are also some bookmarks on the start page for you to check out, for example, under the ”mobile” category you can now find NokiaMobileBlog and other mobile related sites. Of course you can also add your own favorites to the bookmark section to access them quickly on the go.  

If you don’t have Skyfire on your Nokia phone you should really try it out, you can get it very easily by just going to get.skyfire.com with your phone’s browser.

Compatible With: Nokia N96, N95, N93, N86, N85, N82, N81, N79, N78, N73 and all S60 3rd Ed handsets, unfortunately no 5th Ed support, yet.


  • SkyfireROCKS!

    SkyfireROCKS!!!!!!!! No other way to describe it

    • edward

      Yeah, definitively the best app for S60

  • MobblerROCKS!!!!

    Skyfire is OK, but Mobbler is WAY better

    • edward

      Mobbler is a good app, but Hulu on Skyfire is unbeatable IMO

  • RestrepoCarlos

    Wait, I can watch Hulu????!!!!!!!! HOW?

    • edward

      Go to get.skyfire.com and install, the run app and go to hulu.com, as simple as that