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The Best Pandora app for Nokia Lumia, in my Opinion

I am a Pandora user. It’s the perfect music service. I love not worrying about creating playlists, and I am discovering new songs all the time. Pandora is great when I am at the gym using my BH-505’s, or at a social gathering when my Play 360 comes in very handy. Unfortunately, there’s no official Pandora app for Windows Phone. I asked someone at Pandora last week whether they were working on something. They aren’t, but “will consider it next time.”

There’s several Pandora apps on the Marketplace. They are unofficial, meaning that every time Pandora changes something up, they stop working. They do a great job most of the time though, the devs. that maintain those apps usually update them when Pandora breaks compatibility. So what Pandora app do I use? I think Radio Controlled is the best Pandora app on the Marketplace. Love pinning stations to my home screen, that’s what Windows Phone is about.