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The Best Nokia Lumia Apps

Want some cool apps to go along with that Nokia Lumia 900,  Nokia Lumia 800 or 710? The marketplace is extremely easy to search, but I have attempted to save you some time by putting together a small list of apps I think are useful and cool. If you have any suggestion, just leave a comment! Most of these are free applications for Nokia Windows Phone devices, however, there are some amazing (and by that I mean out-of-this-world) apps that are worth a couple of bucks. We’ll let you know which is is free, and which one is not.

To install these apps in the future, just head over to windowsphone.com, sign in with the same Live account you did on your Nokia WP, and install by following the link on this app guide. You will be able to install apps from windowsphone.com on your WP without even connecting your phone to your computer, it’s magical.


Nokia Mobile Blog’s Windows Phone App Guide

Cocktail Flow

Probably the most beautiful application in WP. Cocktail flow will let you build a cabinet, and tell you what cocktails you can mix. (Paid, but stronglyrecommended)

Amazon for Windows Phone

Life wouldn’t be fun without shopping, and the Amazon app lets you do just that from the comfort of… wherever you are.

Amazon Kindle for Windows Phone

The book is now your Nokia Windows Phone, Amazon Kindle for Windows Phone doesn’t need further introduction.


Pulse is one of the most amazing WP apps. It will deliver news in a beautiful UI, it’s great for offline reading, specially useful for in-plane entertainment.

Bank of America for Windows Phone

Paying bills isn’t exactly fun, but the Bank of America App for Windows Phone definitely makes it easier. You can also review balances, transfer funds, and locate ATMs.


The first Twitter app for Windows Phone to have push notifications; Beez is a favorite among Twitter users. Chinese and French users can enjoy the app in their native languages.

British Airways for Windows Phone

The British Airways app for the upcoming Mango update is just mind blowing, in the meanwhile, you can check-in and use your Windows Phone as a boarding pass.


Dictionary.com for Windows Phone

The Dictionary.com app for Windows Phone doesn’t need much explanation. It’s a dictionary and thesaurus app for Windows Phone.


Ebay for Windows Phone

The ebay app shows how attractive and powerful a Windows Phone app can be, you can easily manage ebay from your Windows Phone.



This is the BBM-Like cross platform app we all have been waiting for, you can chat for free across iPhone, WP, Symbian, and BB devices.


The Epicurious app for Windows Phone is wonderful; it will guide you through any recipe, whether you want a pompous feast, or just a quick fix.



Hate missing on events such as concerts, performances, and shows in your city? Eventful will show you all of them so you don’t feel left out when your friends are talking about last night.



The Evernote app for Windows Phone is an extension of your brain; it lets you save pictures, notes, recordings and more… Oh! and it syncs to the web too!



Feel confused about the menu in a restaurant? I specially hate when there’s no pictures, but with Foodspotting you will receive recommendations from people who were already in your place.

FourSqaure for Windows Phone

The FourSquare app for Windows Phone; we all know what it’s for, or do we?


Fox News

The Fox News app is so cool because it uses it’s live tile to bring you the latest story, giving a more sophisticated look to your Windows Phone homescreen.



Gowalla is like FourSquare, but the playground is the world. It’s a social travel guide, they will reward you with pins for your “passport.” You can upload pictures too.


MLB at Bat ’11

This isn’t just any baseball app, it’s an award-winning app for Windows Phone. The coolest feature is the live radio broadcast, but you can also get all the other things a MLB app would offer. (Paid)


Netflix for Windows Phone

The Netflix app will let you stream Netflix videos to any Windows Phone, it’s a pretty cool app and maybe a reason altogether to get a Windows Phone.


The New York Times

One of the few paid apps in this guide, the new York Times app for Windows Phone is the easier way to read your favorite newspaper on the go.



SPB TV is a pretty cool app I have used in the past, it lets you watch TV from your Windows Phone; and yes, it does really work. There’s international channels as well as national stations.


Amazon Fresh

The Amazon Fresh let’s you grocery-shop without going to the grocery shop. You can choose delivery times and manage your account from your Windows Phone. You have to live in an Amazon fresh area by the way.



Vevo lets you enjoy all the popular music videos right in your Windows Phone. Even pin videos to your homescreen!

Walgreens for Windows Phone

Definitley one of my favorite apps, you can refill your Rx by just taking a picture of the orange bottle! The Walgreens app for Windows Phone is convenient.


Toshl for Windows Phone will let you manage your budget in a practical way. There’s little monsters in the app that give you instructions; a must-try.

White Pages

White pages lets you identify unknown calls, look for people, and search for businesses. A great database that is nice to have in your Windows Phone. It also has YellowPages.


SuperTube is hands down the best YouTube application for Windows Phone. It has a beautiful UI, and is really fast and reliable. There’s free and paid versions.


Govoice is a Google Voice client for Windows Phone. You will get push notifications and transcribed voicemail in your WP. You can also send/receive SMS and make international calls.


Sitting around without knowing what to do? Groupon finds cool activities/restaurants at a very discounted price. Cool app…

Google Search

I use Bing for local and image search, but for specific searching Bing isn’t very suitable. Google Search fixes this problem!

Lyrics for WP7

Pretty straightforward, Lyrics for WP7 will show you the Lyrics of every song you could imagine, plus, a bio and best songs from the artist!


If you want to make sure you and your date get a table this Friday night, you better get OpenTable. You can make reservations without dealing with a person.. brilliant!


Get ripped with Ripped! Anyway, with this app you can search a database of exercises and create a routine. You also have a body fat percentage and one rep max calculator.


Everyone knows what Shazam does, it is just wizardry at its best. Fire up the app and it will tell you what song is playing. Mango has this feature built in by the way, just hit the Search key and then the music note.


Slacker is like Pandora, you can create a custom station with the type of music you like. It streams in the background too.

TED for WP7

TED is about inspiring and edifying talks delivered by leaders and pioneers, this elegant app will stream TED talks for free on your WP.

Alitalia for Windows Phone

The amazing Alitalia app lets the user Check-in, view the Time Table, manage MilleMiglia, and even reserve a parking spot at compatible airports!

Fantasia Painter

This is a professional-grade painter app for WP, so you literally create masterpieces with the plethora of brushes and tools this app has. (Paid and Free)

Rowi – The Twitter APP

Hands-down the best Twitter app for Windows Phone. A clean, powerful, and smooth interface for Twitter on WP. (Paid and Free)

Best buy for Windows Phone

The Best Buy app will let you browse your future gadgets and will let you locate them in stores—if you feel like you can’t wait anymore.

Transit Directions

Transit Directions will give you public transport directions in Boston, Chicago, LA, Minn., NJ, NYC, Philly, San Fran., Seattle, DC, and Vancouver… for free!



American Airlines for Windows Phone

There’s not much to enjoy in an American Airlines flight, but the Windows Phone app will sure make things easier for us annoyed travelers.


Spotify lets you listen to millions of tracks in your phone, even in offline mode! It’s the ultimate music service. Subscription is required but app is free.

Premier League +

“The best football [soccer] app in the marketplace.” This app has too many features to fit in here, but if you are a football fan, you definitely should try this one. $2.99


The official Flickr app for WP won’t disappoint anyone; it’s both functional and elegant. Share your pics, browse galleries, and pin contacts activity to your home.


Don’t know how to do something, fire up this amazing app for a quick crash course on a variety of topics. Useful in some situations, or just as boredom medicine.




This is an amazing app for anyone that needs a flight cheap and fast. You can pin flights to watch prices and get the best one. Recommended!

Face Swap

This is a really fun app to swap faces between people in the pictures you take. It’s sometimes scary accurate.


This is a real flashlight app that uses the phones built-in LED flash to show you the way. Works like a charm.

Meal Snap

This application is pure magic: take a shot of your meal and it will tell you how many calories it’s got. It works. $2.99


This app lets you take control of your 25GB on the cloud: upload and download documents without restrictions.


This app is a really well designed news reader. You can change font size and add new categories. Good alternative to Pulse.




Want to know where the next ATM is? Just use your Lumia as if you were a cyborg to find it!

  • http://twitter.com/bharadc23 Bharadwaj

    Great collection Ed ! I am very much looking forward for Nokia’s Windows Phones at Nokia World 2011 :-) 

  • Fiona

    Great list. Can you add my two favourites?  Premier League + (top rated football app here in the UK) really shows off how good an app can look on WP7 and is wonderful for following all the European leagues – very cool app. The other is the Flickr app; so much better than anything that was available on my previous android phone and makes showing off my photography a joy – really slick and thanks to the metro interface it makes the photos the focus.   Can’t wait for the Nokia Windows Phones to start appearing in the UK; it’s a great combination and really exciting! :)

  • http://twitter.com/diorahman Dhi Aurrahman

    Try this Ed! http://www.appsfuze.com/applications/windowsphone.reference/banzai-nihongo,12974

  • http://phonearenaindia.com/1154/nokia-n8-specs-price-in-india Peter Junior

    Excellent compilation Ed… All my favorite apps are right there… In fact, If I were to make a list like this, it would end up looking about 90% similar to yours… I would add the ESPN app in there too, by the way…