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The Best Free Game For Touchscreen Devices: Airport

I really enjoy browsing the Ovi Store on my Nokia N97, I like to keep hitting ”next” to see what exciting apps can I download. I recently came across a game called ”Airport,” and I am totally addicted to this free game. Is probably the best game out there for Nokia touchscreen devices like the N97, 5800 and 5530. Honestly, it is far more entertaining than any other $9us N-Gage game.

Airport is a really simple game. You are the air controller and you have to land the planes without them crashing on the air. You trace the path of each plane with your finger and the plane follows it, you have  to land the blue planes on the blue airstrip and the yellow planes on the yellow airstrip; the interesting part is, that as the game advances more planes are released and the harder it is to land them without them colliding. Its really fun!

This are the types of games that should abound on the Ovi Store: free little games that are truly amusing. N-Gage games are: expensive, and secondly: not amusing at all (At least I don’t find them entertaining) You can find Airport for the Nokia N97, N97 Mini, 5800, X6 and 5530 here for free: Get Airport

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  • shubham

    nice game

    • http://www.facebook.com/anujdargar Anuj Dargar

      ovi has delete this
      so can u send me this to anujdargar@gmail.com

  • Haitham082